Senior woman using parallel bars to walk, smiling looking at nurse who is aiding her

Rehabilitation Care

committed to helping you on your journey to recovery 
If you have experienced a medical condition or injury that requires acute inpatient rehabilitation or therapeutic outpatient rehabilitation, Catholic Medical Center can help you get back on your feet and regain your independence. 

Rehabilitation is an important part of recovering from a major medical event, from a car accident or other trauma, to cancer or a chronic condition. Our continuity of care ranges from acute hospitalization to outpatient services and a community re-entry program. CMC has nearly 100 specialists working at a number of convenient locations to meet your physical and emotional needs.

Our clinical approach is interdisciplinary. We work with you, your family members, physician, insurer and employer to create a positive outcome in your treatment.


Rehabilitation services may include but are not limited to:

Physical therapy helps patients regain mobility and function after an injury or illness.  PT, as it’s often called, employs a variety of techniques to help reduce pain, build strength, and improve quality of life. Physical therapists work in CMC’s acute inpatient and outpatient settings and can help patients learning to use prosthetics, orthotics, and mobility aids such as wheelchairs. They are part of a team wholly dedicated to using the latest technologies and evidence-based techniques to help you get moving again.   


Occupational therapy helps patients develop or regain the ability to carry out everyday tasks at home, work and in social settings. This can include working on fine and gross motor skills, coordination, and sensory skills to help you do things like shower, drive a car, and use a pen. Occupational therapists help patients who’ve suffered both physical and cognitive impairments and work as part of a team in your care. Our team includes certified hand therapists. 
Speech therapy evaluates and addresses communication impairments that may result from an injury, illness, or cognitive disorder. CMC’s speech therapists can help you express yourself again, whether you’ve suffered the effects of a stroke or are recovering from an illness or injury that affected your ability to speak. 

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