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At Catholic Medical Center, we believe in improving the health and wellbeing of our community. We take a proactive approach to wellness by offering a variety of community classes, events, screenings, tours, and support groups. You can use the search function to search by keyword, or select a category from the drop down menu to view available classes.

image of a strong core & more

A Strong Core & More

Please call to register: 603.626.2626
Next Session: Tue, Feb 19 - Tue, May 7


Maintaining core muscle strength helps to stabilize, protect, and move the spine.

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image of aarp smart driver program

AARP Smart Driver Program

Please call to register: 603.626.2626
Next Session: Mon, Mar 11


AARP’s program teaches drivers how to boost safety awareness, increase confidence and minimize crash risk. Persons of any age may attend.

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image of balance screening

Balance Screening

Please call to register for your free, 15-minute one-on-one appointment: 603.663.8004
Next Class: Wed, Mar 13

This class is free

Reduce your risk of falling with a free balance screening by a CMC’s Physical Therapist.

women doing barre exercises


Please call to register: 603.626.2626
Next Session: Thu, Feb 21 - Thu, May 9


This total body conditioning class is a fusion of yoga, Pilates, and strength training, with a focus on overall body and core strength, flexibility, balance, and stability. It’s easy on the joints, helps develop muscle definition, and improves mobility. Use of disks, core balls, tubing and weights will be incorporated into the class. No experience needed! Participants should be able to get up and down from the floor with ease throughout the class.

image of becoming a big sister or big brother

Becoming a Big Sister or Big Brother

Next Session: Sat, Mar 23


This class prepares children, ages two to six to become new big siblings. They will receive a warm welcome to The Mom’s Place including a tour especially for them. Siblings-to-be will learn what to expect at the hospital and at home, make a hand print and take home a keepsake certificate. Children are welcome to bring a doll or stuffed animal to join them.

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teacher and students in chairs exercising

Chair Yoga

Next Session: Thu, Feb 21 - Thu, May 9


Strengthen your muscles, improve your balance, and increase your flexibility through a gentle, supportive yoga practice. Reap all the benefits of yoga while practicing with the stability and security of a comfortable chair. We will use our breath to bring awareness to our movements and reduce our stress, creating a sense of calm to our mind and body. No experience needed!


Foot Clinic

Please call for appointments: 603.663.8004
Next Class: Fri, Apr 26

This class is free

Manchester Community College nursing students will provide a free foot clinic.

image of gentle yoga

Gentle Yoga

Next Session: Tue, Feb 19 - Tue, May 7


This gentle yoga series is a slowerpaced class with a focus on stretching postures and gentle

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adult woman exercising at the gym with a personal trainer

Get Fit Boot Camp

Please call to register: 603.626.2626
Next Session: Thu, Feb 21 - Thu, May 9


This great interval training workout is designed to help you build strength and cardiovascular endurance using weights and aerobic conditioning exercises.

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senior woman being consoled

Grief & Loss Support Group

Next Session: Sat, Mar 9

This class is free

The goal of this confidential group is to provide a monthly opportunity for people who have experienced the death of a loved one to engage in mutual support. 

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Historic Church Tour

Pre-register for this FREE event by calling: 603.663.8004
Next Class: Tue, May 7

This class is free

Join us on a tour of three local houses of worship to learn about their architecture, history, culture and traditions.

senior couple sitting outside, gentleman has oxygen tubes on his face

Living with COPD

FREE, registration required, call 603.626.2626
Next Class: Tue, Mar 19

This class is free

Maintaining an active lifestyle is often challenging for a person coping with a diagnosis of COPD. Join us for a discussion of the latest treatment and the advantages of incorporating integrative lifestyle strategies to promote optimum health and well being. You will be introduced to a comprehensive program that includes exercise, diet, stress management and support.

image of lymphedema support group

Lymphedema Support Group

Free, for more information call: 603.641.6700
Next Session: Tue, Mar 5

This class is free

This class aims to empower, inspire and assist in the needs of patients, caregivers and health care providers faced with all forms of lymphatic issues.


woman holding foot in pain

Oh My Aching Feet

FREE, registration required, call 603.626.2626
Next Class: Wed, Mar 27

This class is free

Chronic pain in your feet can certainly slow you down and interrupt your lifestyle. This discussion will include symptoms and treatment for common concerns such as tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, and arthritis and how orthotics could help.


image of optifast<sup></sup> information sessions

OPTIFAST Information Sessions

Registration requested, call 603.663.6297
Next Session: Wed, Mar 6 - Wed, Mar 20

This class is free

Learn about both the OPTIFAST® low calorie Full Fast plan for rapid weight loss and the “Opti-Mistic” Lifestyle Partial Fasting plan.

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image of parenting your newborn

Parenting Your Newborn

Next Session: Wed, Feb 20


This program helps prepare parents-to-be and new parents for the physical and emotional needs of their baby and their own experience as parents.

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image of preparation for birth

Preparation for Birth

Next Session: Thu, Mar 7 - Thu, Mar 28


In this series, parents-to-be prepare their body, mind, heart and changing relationship for labor, birth and early postpartum. This class helps parents learn practical information about labor and birth and fosters awareness, flexibility, determination and resourcefulness.

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image of preparation for breastfeeding

Preparation for Breastfeeding

Next Class: Wed, Mar 6


Prepare for your breastfeeding experience at our officially designated Baby-Friendly™ hospital. Learn basics for getting started, to meet both the infant’s and mother’s needs. 

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image of pure & natural fertility care

Pure & Natural Fertility Care

Next Session: Wed, Mar 13


Discover a highly effective system to understand and manage your fertility without chemicals or devices.

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woman sitting on bed stretching

Sleep Wellness Fair

Next Class: Sat, Mar 2

This class is free

Get ready to spring ahead! Enjoy a tour of CMC’s New England Sleep Center, meet our staff and learn about common sleep disorders. Open to the community. Light refreshments, giveaways and raffle prizes.

The Holiday Inn-Manchester Airport
2280 Brown Ave, Manchester

family at table enjoying soup together

Soup’s On

FREE, Registration required, call 603.626.2626
Next Class: Tue, Feb 19

This class is free

During the winter months nothing can warm you like a good bowl of soup. Join one of CMC’s registered dietitians and learn how to make a heart healthy soup that is packed with nutrition rather than with sodium. Please come and share a favorite recipe of your own.

image of surgical weight loss options at newmi

Surgical Weight Loss Options at NEWMI

Registration required, call 603.663.7377
Next Session: Thu, Mar 7


You're invited to attend our free information weight loss session. If you’ve had difficulty achieving your weight loss goals, weight loss surgery at our Bariatric Surgical Center of Excellence may be right for you.

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image of vein screenings

Vein Screenings

To schedule an appointment, call: 603.665.5150
Next Session: Thu, Mar 14

This class is free

Your legs can tell an awful lot about your overall health. If you’ve been wondering about the cause of your varicose veins, aching, itchiness, pain, heaviness and/or swelling in your legs, join the experts at CMC’s Vein & Vascular Specialists for a complimentary 15-minute vein screening clinic.

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image of welcome visits at the mom’s place

Welcome Visits at the Mom’s Place

For dates and to register for a welcome visit, please call 603.626.2626
Next Session: Mon, Mar 4

This class is free

Do you want to learn more about having your baby at CMC and what to expect during your stay? Expectant moms and their partners or support persons are invited for a welcome visit and tour. 

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closeup of woman with hands over heart, with a graphic of a heart superimposed

Women and Heart Disease: What’s the Latest?

Additional space just added.
Please call to register: 603.626.2626
Next Class: Wed, Feb 20

This class is free

While heart disease is generally thought of as a condition for older people, many women are unaware of their own personal risk for a cardiac event even in their younger years. Join Dr. Michelle Ouellette as she discusses the latest research on SCAD, cardiomyopathy, angina, A-Fib and heart attacks in women.


woman holding a pen writing in a notebook.

Write Away

Please call to register: 603.626.2626
Next Session: Wed, Feb 27

This class is free

Journaling is more than writing in your diary. For many it is a powerful tool for stress management that can clarify thoughts that lie beneath the surface of our conscious mind. 

image of yoga 101

Yoga 101

Please call to register: 603.626.2626
Next Session: Tue, Feb 19 - Tue, May 7


Take time out of your busy day to refresh and learn the benefits of practicing yoga to improve strength, agility, and the ability to manage stress.

women in zumba class

Zumba Gold

Please call to register: 603.626.2626
Next Class: Wed, Feb 20 - Wed, May 8


This class focuses on all elements of fitness: cardiovascular, muscular conditioning, flexibility and balance! The design of the class introduces easy-to-follow Zumba® choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion and coordination.