Patient & Family Advisory Council

Who are we?

Our Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is a volunteer group of CMC patients, family members and caregivers who work in partnership with the CMC staff in a wide range of areas to make sure that patients’ and family members’ perspectives are part of the decision-making process. Our goal is to help promote a more patient-centered and family-centered environment at all CMC facilities.

Front row (left to right): Grace Tung, Joanne Leach, Yvonne Gillen, Pat Young & Ed Nolan. Back row: Pattyann Labrie, Barbra Mcguire, Anastasia Luby & Brian Bovyn


What do we do?

Our Patient & Family Advisors (PFAs) are active in several areas:
  • Hospital Committees – Most of our members serve on hospital committees. They provide input into the topics for which a committee is responsible. Examples include: Infection Prevention Committee, Patient Education Committee, Telemedicine Steering Committee, Quality & Patient Safety Committee, and Palliative Care Committee.
  • Performance Improvement Projects – As a need for projects is identified, PFAs offer insight from the patient and family perspective. This ensures that new programs and processes are patient-centered, thus contributing to the high quality of care provided at CMC.
  • Patient Rounding – Some of our PFAs visit with in-patients to make sure the patients’ needs are being met, and to help relay any unmet needs to unit managers.
  • Staff Orientation – Some of our PFAs assist with leading staff orientation. We were instrumental in introducing two communication tools to CMC:   
    • Language of Caring ©
    • AIDET ©
These communication tools are an integral part of staff orientation and help establish          communication standards throughout CMC for both staff-to-patient communication and      staff-to-staff communication. We’ve heard it has also helped staff to communicate better in their personal lives.
  • State of New Hampshire – Some of our PFAs participate in the State of NH PFA group to share ideas and “best practices” with PFAs from hospitals throughout the State.


  • Ability to see beyond their personal experiences with healthcare services; This is not a forum to air personal grievances
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other PFAs and staff from different backgrounds and perspectives;
  • Be a good listener and be comfortable voicing your opinions;
  • Have a passion for improving the experience for patients and families at CMC.


All PFAs are registered as CMC volunteers, and should have experience as a patient, family member or caregiver of a patient who has received care at CMC.

If you’d like more information on becoming a Patient Family Advisor, please contact Anastasia Luby by email at or by phone at 603.663.6069.


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