Pay Hospital or Provider Bill

Pay Hospital or Provider Bill
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Before you begin you will need:Your credit card account information (note: the address on the bill must match the billing address for the credit card holder)
  • Your patient account number
  • Your email address (to receive an online receipt)
Our Patient Financial Services representatives are available to answer any questions you may have about your hospital bill.

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What's This?    
Why Did I Receive

Two Bills?

For example, if you received your x-ray exam at the hospital, you may receive two separate bills—one from the hospital and one from the radiologist. Please be assured that you are not being billed for the same service twice. Your x-ray consists of two distinct services. 

The hospital bill represents the technical component and account for items such as use of the x-ray equipment, pharmaceuticals, supplies and technical x-ray personnel.

The radiologist bill is for the professional interpretation of your x-ray images. The radiologists are specially trained physicians who study and interpret your x-ray examination and generate a written report that is sent to your doctor or the attending physicians that ordered your x-ray. Because radiologists are part of an independent practice, and are not employees of any of the hospitals where they provide services, their professional services are billed separately.