Wound Care Center

Wound Care Center Medical Office Building/Catholic Medical Center 88 McGregor Street Suite 101B Manchester NH 03102
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Patient Hours: Mon—Fri: 8 AM–4:30 PM
If you have a wound that has not healed, consider seeking help from the Wound Care Center. The center specializes in advanced treatment plans for hard to heal wounds.

Our treatment approach follows standardized care, via clinical pathways, to ensure cost-effective, positive patient outcomes. Our treatment services include:
  • Burn care
  • Casting 
  • Compression wraps
  • Negative pressure therapy
  • Offloading
  • Pain and medical management
  • Skin grafting


Conditions & Expertise

When you are treated for a problem wound at the Wound Care Center, you receive: 
  • Discharge planning that supports appropriate at-home follow-up care
  • Education for you and your caregivers about your condition and treatment
  • Extensive wound assessment
  • Individualized treatment plan and care
  • Integrated treatment plan coordinated with your primary care physician and specialty case providers
  • Ostomy management and education 
  • Psychosocial support for you and your caregivers
  • Referrals for additional care needed, such as to orthotist, nutrition, physical therapy, social services, vascular studies, home care, and pain management programs