Patient Transfer Center

Patient Transfer Center Catholic Medical Center 100 McGregor Street Manchester NH 03102
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Patient Transfer Center Services offer inpatient-to-inpatient and emergency-to-inpatient transfers. 

Conditions & Expertise

Our personalized service includes:
  • Assistance with ambulance transport, when needed, through AMR
  • Assistance with patient placement to quaternary care hospitals, when needed
  • Highly specialized services
  • In-house AMR representative to arrange transportation back to community facility
  • Interface with bed management
  • Highly specialized services
  • Patient Portal access for the referring provider to monitor their patient’s progress while at CMC
  • Provider access to cloud-based diagnostic imaging platform to assist with decision-making, reduced patient exposure to radiation, and reduced costs
  • Quarterly Activity Reports for transferring facilities
  • Seamless and consistent communication between referring provider and CMC’s receiving provider
Tel: 1.855.603.BEDS (2337)