Back of woman at beach demonstrating sun protection with a floppy hat and a long sleeve shirt.

Skin Lesions & Masses

The Surgical Care Group provides treatment and care for patients diagnosed with skin conditions that require surgical procedures and minimally invasive treatments to improve the health of your skin.

Common conditions

Common skin conditions that the Surgical Care Group treats include:
  • Skin lesions and masses are abnormal growths or appearances on the skin and can be either non-cancerous or cancerous. 
  • Lipomas are non-cancerous fatty tumors on the skin that may be present for years without any symptoms and suddenly begin to grow and become painful when they press on nerve endings. 

The Surgical Care Group can often treat these skin conditions in the practice.  Larger growths often need to be removed in the operating room.

Meet Our Team

Our team of surgeons, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and support staff at CMC is highly trained and specialized and offer the newest approaches and techniques if your road back to health requires surgery.

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