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Dialysis Access

The team at CMC’s Vein & Vascular Specialists offer convenient care for patients who need port or catheter placement for central lines as well as those who need evaluation and treatment for dialysis access.

services offered include:  

  • Fistula assessment, maintenance and repair
  • Dialysis catheter placement
  • Catheter and port placement for IV infusion
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Fistula assessment, maintenance and repair

Vascular Surgeon, Patricia Furey, MD, FACS, MBA explains how patients who already have fistulas established can be treated at CMC's Vein & Vascular Specialists.

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Dialysis Access

Patients who require dialysis for kidney failure need venous access in order to receive treatment. This venous access is called a fistula. Our specialists can provide fistula assessment, maintenance and repair.

We can also place a dialysis catheter, if necessary. This is a long hollow tube which is placed in a large vein through the neck with an opening to filter the blood and another to return the blood to the circulation.

Infusion Therapy

Medications for certain conditions are administered into large veins. Chemotherapy, blood products, antibiotics and intravenous fluids can be given this way. To make these treatments easier you may have a medical device called a catheter or port.

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CMC's Vein & Vascular Specialists

Vascular Surgeon, Patricia Furey, MD, FACS, MBA describes CMC's Vein & Vascular Specialists and what makes it special.