People in labeled uniforms - fire, decon officer, medical officer, firer - gather in circle to talk

Emergency Management

Emergency Operations Plan
CMC’s comprehensive Emergency Management, Mitigation and Disaster Preparedness Plan provides an effective framework to respond and recover from any situation which could potentially impact the hospital’s ability to provide care. An “all hazards” planning approach allows CMC to respond to a range of emergencies varying in scale, duration, and cause, including situations in which the hospital cannot be supported by usual resources. 
Emergency Management Team
Our Emergency Management Team is comprised of over two dozen members of hospital leadership, representing myriad of disciplines and responsibility. Team members receive and maintain specific education and training credentials from FEMA and other governmental entities in dealing with hospital emergencies. The organizational structure used by the Emergency Management Team during emergency situations is based on the National Incident Management System; its fundamentals mimic the organizational structure used by other emergency organizations and agencies nationwide. All employees are oriented to hospital emergency management fundamentals as well as participate in annual education and exercises. 
Coalition Partners
Catholic Medical Center is an active member of the Granite State Health Care Coalition and the Greater Manchester Regional Coordinating Council. Emergency management leaders regularly collaborate with emergency preparedness officials from local government, area hospitals, public safety and public health departments regarding preparedness and training activities. These organizations not only work seamlessly with CMC during actual events but their officials also assist us in updating our emergency plans through annual hazard vulnerability assessments and joint drills and exercises. 

When disaster strikes the community counts on Catholic Medical Center to take action in an organized and effective manner. Continuity of care depends upon CMC having a thorough yet flexible plan for providing care to disaster victims. Employees who are assigned responsibilities under the Emergency Management, Mitigation and Disaster Preparedness Plan are acquainted with how the plan functions and what their jobs will be in the event of an emergency.
For minor injuries & illnesses

Urgent Care

The medical staff at CMC's Urgent Care provides medical care for conditions that aren't an immediate, serious threat to life or health. Conveniently located in Bedford, NH, it is also the place to go when you need medical treatment outside of your primary care physician's regular office hours. 603.314.4567