Breast Cancer Survivorship Program

Breast Cancer Survivorship Program
The next step of your journey
CMC’s Breast Care Center Survivorship Program is a specialized program designed to provide comprehensive care and support to individuals who have completed their breast cancer treatment and are transitioning into the post-treatment phase, often referred to as survivorship. The Program is designed to promote ongoing health and well-being while helping survivors transition from active treatment to long-term survivorship. Key components of CMC’s Breast Care Center Survivorship Program include:
  • Survivorship care plans: individualized documents outlining treatment history, recommended follow-up care and lifestyle recommendations
  • Nurse Navigator services: one-on-one support and access to certified Nurse Navigators to provide education and guidance on programs and optimal health choices that can help decrease risk of recurrence and improve quality of life and overall health
  • Medical monitoring: regular screenings & check-ups
  • Physical rehabilitation: rehabilitation services to address any physical challenges or limitations resulting from surgery, radiation or chemotherapy
  • Emotional or psychological support: support groups, counseling and mental health services to manage stress, fear or anxiety
  • Nutritional counseling: nutritional experts provide guidance on maintaining a healthy diet and managing dietary challenges that may have arisen during treatment
  • Exercise and lifestyle guidance: learning how to incorporate exercise into daily routines to improve quality of life
  • Peer support: connect with survivors who have had similar experiences, providing a sense of community, through annual events and outings hosted by CMC’s Breast Care Center
  • Other resources & services: provide every single patient with the resources needed to after completing treatment, such as ensuring patients have transportation to and from appointments