Routine Colonoscopy During COVID-19

“I told my friends, get in there. It’s better knowing what’s going on than not knowing!" shares Alan Valley—Colonoscopy During COVID-19 Patient Testimonial

Published 10/20/2020

It’s normal for someone to be nervous about a colonoscopy, but “it was different this time because I was a little nervous going in with COVID-19 around,” recalls sixty-five year old Alan Valley. “But I’m so relieved I did it.”  

Valley said that it was clear everyone in the hospital was following CDC guidelines strictly. “I was impressed how quickly these people sanitize everything. The minute I’d get up they were cleaning things off—all over the building. No matter what part of the building you came in—the front door, the skybridge, wherever—they gotcha and they screen you. Take your temperature and ask you questions.”  

Valley was so comfortable with his experience that he went through with four other procedures. “I told my friends, get in there. It’s better knowing what’s going on than not knowing! In addition to my colonoscopy, I had a stress test, EKG, an electrocardiogram and a visit with my cardiologist.”

Special safety precautions are in place in the Endoscopy Lab where Valley had his colonoscopy. Dr. Hatem Shoukeir explains, “All staff and patients have face masks on at all times, and importantly, patients are COVID-19 tested before each procedure. We have also taken steps to guarantee that the admission area and recovery areas are not crowded so that we can maintain social distancing. We are doing all we can to ensure the safest environment for both staff and patients.”

Dr. Shoukeir has been encouraging his patients keep up with regular, recommended screenings. “Colorectal cancer screenings are essential to keep you healthy. In fact, delaying them due to fears of contracting COVID-19 can cause more harm than good. Colon cancer is highly treatable, especially when caught early.”

Valley says people shouldn’t neglect their health. “Now is the time to get in—at least you’ll know you’re okay—not knowing was driving me crazy.”

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