NEWMI Expands Medical Weight Loss Program

CMC’s New England Weight Management Institute (NEWMI) is excited to welcome Melissa Scull, MD to the comprehensive medical weight loss team

Published 1/7/2019

What is medical weight loss?
Medical weight loss includes all available non-surgical treatments. NEWMI’s medical weight loss program strives to apply the most up-to-date research to help patients achieve a healthier weight. NEWMI’s comprehensive program includes nutritional, exercise, and behavioral counseling, support groups, and meal replacement programs. For some patients treatment may include medications that can help with weight loss or, if possible, adjusting current medications that can contribute to weight gain. We also screen for medical conditions that can contribute to weight gain and address these conditions when needed.
What causes obesity?
One of the biggest misconceptions about obesity is that it is caused by a lack of willpower. Research is proving that obesity is a complex health condition, caused by a variety of factors including genetics, hormones, environment, medications and neurology. Obesity commonly relapses, which, for many people, can lead to feelings of frustration or helplessness. Currently, there are multiple effective treatments for obesity and more are in development. As obesity medicine specialists, our goal is to help our patients understand the disease of obesity in a way that gives them confidence to take an active and informed role in their treatment.
Who is a candidate for the medical weight loss program at NEWMI?
We provide medical weight loss treatment to any patient who is struggling with weight management.  Body mass index (BMI) is a ratio of height to weight that we use to define obesity. Patients with a BMI of 25-29 are considered overweight, while patients with a BMI of 30-34 are considered obese. Patients with a BMI over 35 may also benefit from both medical and/or surgical weight management.  Additionally, we welcome patients who have previously had weight loss surgery and are struggling with weight regain. 
How do I learn more?
To learn more about NEWMI’s Medical Weight Loss Program please call the office at 603.663.7377.  We look forward to meeting you!

Photo: Melissa Scull, MD. Dr. Scull is board certified in internal medicine and obesity medicine.