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CMC’s Women’s Wellness & Fertility Center is a mission driven center of excellence for high quality obstetric and gynecologic care, education and research that approaches fertility as a natural part of health and wellness. The Center delivers care grounded in evidence-based medical practices, incorporating the Catholic ethical standards of healthcare while providing care regardless of faith, circumstance, or culture.

When you come to the Women’s Wellness & Fertility Center, we want you to feel comfortable, cared for, and respected. Our spa-like setting and compassionate staff create an environment for family-centered, obstetric and gynecologic care where you are the most important member of your care team!

The providers at our Center employ NaProTECHNOLOGY, a groundbreaking, approach to reproductive care. NaProTECHNOLOGY can be used to treat a host of gynecological conditions, especially infertility, with the goal of restoring long term reproductive health. Our Center is the only comprehensive OB/GYN service in New England with an entire staff fully dedicated to the philosophy of NaProTECNOLOGY. Here, you will find a different approach to women’s care.

We also offer a highly effective natural method of family planning called Fertility Care™ System. We do not prescribe artificial hormone or device methods of contraception. Because our restorative approach to resolving infertility seeks to correct underlying problems, we do not use assisted reproductive technology (ART) or in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Whether you seek to achieve or avoid pregnancy or are trying to maintain reproductive wellness, you can expect every member of our staff to respect your decision to manage your gynecologic health in this way.

We accept most insurance plans. Please inquire with us or be sure to verify coverage with your insurance company for the specific service you're seeking before your visit.

We are located in the Medical Office Building, which is adjacent to CMC's main hospital building. Parking is located just off Putnam Street. Many procedures can be performed in our office, with convenient access to laboratory services, The Mom’s Place and Special Care Nursery at CMC, and advanced surgical facilities if needed.

88 McGregor Street, Suite 201
Manchester NH 03102

8 AM–5 PM

tel: 603.314.7595  (8 AM–4:30)

fax: 603.665.2420

  • (800) 437-9666
  • (603) 626-2626
  • (603) 663-6498
  • (603) 663-5270
  • (603) 663-6431
  • (603) 663-8031
  • (603) 663-6667
  • (603) 669-0413
  • (603) 663-6395
  • (603) 663-7377
  • (603) 314-4567
  • (603) 663-8000
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Our Mission
"The heart of Catholic Medical Center is to provide health, healing and hope in a manner that offers innovative high quality services, compassion, and respect for the human dignity of every individual who seeks or needs our care as part of Christ's healing ministry through the Catholic Church."