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Operating room light and robotic surgery tool

Laparoscopic/Robotic surgery

Laparoscopic, also called minimally invasive surgery or robotic surgery is considered is a type of surgery that uses special instruments designed to decrease the size of incisions and reduce damage to body tissue. This kind of minimally invasive surgery uses a scope to allow surgeons to look inside the body without the need for a large incision. 

Laparoscopes are used in the belly for laparoscopic surgery. (“Lapara” is the Greek word for the space between the bottom of the rib cage and the hips.)

Types of Procedures

This type of surgery can be used for many procedures including:


laparoscopic surgery Technique

There are several different types of scopes, but they all work in generally the same way. They consist of a long, thin tube with a tiny camera and a light on the end. The camera sends pictures of the inside of the body to a TV screen. The surgeon makes a small incision just big enough for the scope to fit through, as well as smaller incisions for robotic-assisted instruments to fit through. These instruments include clamps, scissors and stitching devices.

Benefits of laparoscopic surgery

CMC surgeons use minimally invasive surgery extensively, as it allows patients less pain and bleeding, shorter healing times and a quicker return to normal function.

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