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Highly Skilled and Experienced Surgical Care
You have access to a wide range of surgical services at The Surgical Care Group. Our board-certified surgeons perform non-invasive diagnostic testing and evaluations, and utilize minimally invasive surgical procedures whenever possible, to speed your recovery.

Extensive Surgical Services
Surgeons at The Surgical Care Group have extensive training and experience in the following types of surgery:
  • General surgery 
  • Vascular surgery 
  • Bariatric surgery 
  • Advanced laparoscopic surgery 
  • Endovascular surgery 
  • Colon surgery 
  • Endocrine surgery

Vein Clinic
Non-invasive diagnostic testing during your initial visit provides a diagnosis and plan of treatment. Your treatment might include open surgery, minimally invasive vein ablation or injection therapy, including advanced procedures such a VNUS Closure™ and sclerotherapy.

Laparoscopic Surgery
Laparoscopic surgery, a less invasive approach to many procedures, is used for all general surgery, including gallbladder, colon, hernia, spleen and obesity surgery, as well as for the treatment of appendicitis.

Vascular Surgery
If you have peripheral vascular disease in the arteries of the neck, arm or legs; the aorta; or blood vessels leading to your internal organs (except the heart), a non-invasive evaluation in our certified vascular laboratory is typically the first step in your diagnosis and treatment. The results of this study enable us to more accurately diagnose your condition and develop the best plan of treatment and care. The evaluation can also include an analysis of dialysis access.

Certified Vascular Laboratory
In our certified onsite vascular laboratory, we use non-invasive methods to evaluate and diagnose your vascular system for arterial and venous disease and disorders, and provide same-day results. The study assesses diseases of the veins and arteries of the neck, arms and legs, and blood vessels leading to your internal organs (excluding the heart).

Onsite Ultrasound Services
As a complement to your physical exam, we may use ultrasound to evaluate the area requiring surgery. This allows us to assess any potential surgical issues and develop a detailed surgical plan. Ultrasound is also used for breast, thyroid, liver and biliary studies and to evaluate soft tissue masses. Ultrasound-guided biopsies of the breast and thyroid can be performed right in our office.

Outpatient Services
Consultations and some procedures can be performed in our office. These outpatient services include:
  • Surgical consults and second surgical opinions 
  • Vascular assessments and follow-up 
  • Wound management and Unna Boot application 
  • Minor surgical procedures, including lesion excision, varicose vein injections, etc. 

For more information about The Surgical Care Group or to make an appointment, call (603) 627-1887.
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