At CMC we welcome visitors and do our best to accomodate family requests. We understand how important human connection and compassion are to a patient's recovery.
Our visiting hours have been established to ensure that all our patients have adequate time designated for rest and recovery.
  • Visiting hours: Daily 8 AM–8 PM
Exceptions to these hours or additional restrictions may occur depending on a patient's condition and location. 


Visiting ICU Patients

ICU visiting hours are flexible to meet the needs of the patient, family members and/or significant other. Visitors must be older than age 14, and two to three visitors are allowed in at a time. Visiting time is coordinated by the patient’s nurse, and the patient’s needs and status will determine how long and how often you may visit. You may be asked to step out of the unit if an unexpected need occurs, if there is a change in a patient’s condition or if a new patient is being admitted.

Family members do not routinely stay overnight in the patient’s room. Visits during the night may prevent patients from getting the sleep they need.

When you arrive in the ICU waiting room, if a volunteer is not on duty or outside the ICU, please use the phone in the waiting room or outside the ICU to call into the unit prior to visiting. The nurse taking care of your loved one will let you know whether or not it is a good time to visit. If you are not in the waiting room but know the room number, you can use the following extensions:
  • Rooms C601 – C606: Extension 6401 
  • Rooms C607 – C612: Extension 6402 
  • Rooms C613 – C620: Extension 6471

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