Discharge Hospitality Lounge

Planning for your hospital discharge

The most common question many patients ask of their health care team is, "When can I go home?" Prior to going home, members of your health care team will discuss discharge plans with you, including date and time, and provide information on follow-up appointments, medications and other home instructions.


Our Discharge Hospitality Lounge provides a comfortable waiting area while you wait for your ride home.

The Discharge Hospitality Lounge is available for patients who meet certain criteria to streamline the process and to help patients and their families plan more effectively.  It offers a comfortable and convenient place for patients who have been discharged from an inpatient hospital unit and are awaiting transportation home.

For your convenience, the Discharge Hospitality Lounge is staffed with a team of healthcare professionals who can assist you with:
  • Scheduling follow-up appointments
  • Filling your prescriptions
  • Arranging transportation for unforeseen obstacles, when necessary

The Discharge Hospitality Lounge offers:
  • Comfortable recliners
  • Reading materials
  • Refreshments
  • Restrooms
  • Telephones
  • Television
  • Mon–Fri  9 AM–7 PM, Level E-200, 603.663.5200

Picking up patients

When picking up a patient, please use the circle driveway, just off McGregor Street, at the main entrance at the front of the hospital.
Upon your arrival, please contact the staff of the Discharge Hospitality Lounge by calling 603.663.5200, or check-in at the front desk and they can contact the staff for you.

A staff member will be available to escort the patient to your vehicle.