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Nutrition Services

Healthy Nutrition during Weight Loss
If you elect to lose weight through one of the Obesity Treatment Center’s surgical options, nutrition services are an important part of the pre-operative and post-operative process. If you decide to lose weight without surgery, many options for weight loss are available through the Outpatient Nutrition Department at CMC. One-on-one nutrition counseling, weight loss support groups, and OPTIFAST® meal replacement can assist you in losing weight.

One-on-One Nutrition Counseling
You can make individual appointments to address weight reduction, diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, pregnancy, malnutrition, eating disorders and food allergies. You can also access counseling for sports nutrition and healthy meal planning — for all ages.

Choosing A Healthy Weigh
A Healthy Weigh at CMC is designed to help you make informed decisions about food and exercise in today’s fast-paced world. This 10-week program, taught by dietitians and exercise physiologists, will help you improve your health and vitality while losing weight. A Healthy Weigh at CMC helps you implement the changes necessary to achieve your goals.

With our support during this program, you will:
Identify an internal versus external solution to success
Create quick, delicious, nutrient-filled meals
Find a reasonable exercise level
Lower cholesterol and improve blood sugar
Learn how stress hormones and brain chemistry affect your weight
Understand inflammation and its relationship to weight and health
Develop a grocery list and meal plan for your unique needs
Sort out information on carbohydrates, fat, fiber, nutrition, food fads, eating out, nutrigenomics and more
Reap rewards from group support
Separate fact from fiction in the media: Join A Healthy Weigh at CMC for the support you need to achieve your lifestyle makeover

Maintaining A Healthy Weigh
Maintaining A Healthy Weigh is a weight loss support group following completion of A Healthy Weigh at CMC or other weight loss program. It is a great way to stay motivated, stay focused and keep connected to your health and weight goals. Sign up for as many four-week sessions as necessary. This program is taught throughout the year by dietitians and exercise physiologists.

Choosing theOPTIFAST® Program
If your weight is affecting your life, the OPTIFAST® Program provides a serious solution for weight loss. It combines comprehensive lifestyle education and medical monitoring with a high-quality meal replacement diet. The OPTIFAST® Program succeeds because it treats the whole you, not just your weight. CMC’s trained healthcare professionals partner with you to create a customized strategy to reach your goals.

How the OPTIFAST® Program Works
Before you enter the OPTIFAST® Program, you’ll receive an initial evaluation to determine if OPTIFAST® is right for you. Once you start the program, you’ll progress through the three phases:
  • Active Weight Loss: You’ll consume the OPTIFAST® meal replacement formulas instead of your usual foods, so you don’t have to worry about calories. You will also begin important lifestyle changes.
  • Transition: You’ll gradually learn how to add self-prepared foods back into your diet, while continuing with lifestyle change education.
  • Long-Term Management: You can participate in ongoing classes and support sessions to help you manage your weight in the future. 

Benefits of the OPTIFAST® Program
People eat less when they have fewer food choices. OPTIFAST® is a full meal replacement diet, restricting your food options for a limited time. This helps you control your calorie intake and gives you time to focus on making healthy lifestyle changes.

The OPTIFAST® products help you cut calories, not nutrients. They provide 100 percent of your daily vitamin and mineral needs in convenient, portion-controlled shakes, soups or nutrition bars. 

Partial Fast Program
You can access a partial fast option at CMC too. The plan allows for 1200 calories for women and 1500 calories for men and includes a combination of OPTIFAST® shakes, soups or bars, paired with your own healthy self-prepared foods. This program does not require medical monitoring. Participation in the program includes group nutrition, exercise and behavior modification classes. Meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month.  .

For more information or to register for any OPTIFAST® Program at CMC,
call (603) 663-7377.
We'll help you celebrate!WeThe team at our Obesity Treatment Center will create an individualized weight loss plan that fits you and your life.
Ready for this?Ready for this?Mom's Place, a Baby-Friendly® designated birth facility, will prep, guide and support you.

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