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Round and Round It Goes, Where It Stops Nobody Knows.

All you did was roll over in bed, and suddenly that peaceful night’s sleep turns into a tilt-a-whirl! The room begins to spin so fast that you hold on for dear life as you try not to vomit. Then, almost as quickly as it began, it’s gone. Or, it maybe it came on while you were reaching for a dish from a cupboard, looking to check on-coming traffic, bending over to weed your lawn, or doing absolutely nothing at all! It’s frightening to say the least. So, what is going on?

There is a myriad of things that may be at the root of your vertigo symptoms. Figuring out the cause is the key to getting you off that tilt-a whirl. That’s where the staff at CMC’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Centers comes in. “We can help you exit that wild ride by determining the cause of your vertigo and the best course of treatment. Better yet, one of the most common causes has a pretty quick fix,” states Rose Wild, OTR/L.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is a condition involving tiny crystals attached to the lining of your inner ear, which help maintain your sense of balance. If those crystals become dislodged and fall into the wrong place, things can start spinning. This can be caused by, in particular, a blow to the head, a prolonged inverted position (like during dental work), or for no apparent reason at all. It occurs most commonly in women over 50, but it can also occur regardless of gender or ages. Thankfully, a series of specific maneuvers guided by our therapists can help you put those crystals back into their proper place.

That said, not all vertigo is BPPV. There are many other potential causes such as: dysfunctional neck postures, migraines, anxiety, viruses, hormones, drug and alcohol exposure, dehydration, head injury, neurological conditions and structural disorders, or diseases of the inner ear. Not all have the same quick fix a BPPV, but exercises and life style changes can help in most cases. More importantly, many of the therapists at CMC’s Outpatient Rehab Centers are trained in helping you determine the cause and a corresponding course of treatment. After all, the carnival is supposed to be fun!

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