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Dr. William Goodman Named CMC Hospitalist Medical Director

Doctor Credited with Speeding Patient Recovery in ICU will Lead Hospital-Wide Improvements to CMC Inpatient Service

Consistent with a growing national trend, physicians named “Hospitalists” who specialize in the care of hospitalized patients have been managing the majority of inpatients at Catholic Medical Center.  To enhance the services delivered by its Hospitalists, Catholic Medical Center has named Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Dr. William Goodman to the permanent post of Hospital Medicine Director.  Dr. Goodman will lead the Hospital Medicine Section in CMC which is seen as the “face” of CMC hospital care since its staff manages the majority of inpatients. 

Catholic Medical Center is working to continuously improve its services to all patients and be a leader in the delivery of care to the inpatient.   It’s complicated managing the care of a person who is sick enough to require treatment in the hospital, but when it is done well, the benefits are many including coordinated care delivered by collaborating professionals and improved communication between physicians, staff and patients.  Ultimately, Hospitalist-managed inpatient care delivers improved health outcomes, more satisfied patients, and a safer transition of care to the outpatient setting. 

“My focus is to improve the delivery of care in our hospital,” explains Dr. Goodman, “because of the improvements in out-patient care, when someone requires admission to CMC; they are usually facing a serious illness or a complicated acute health challenge, which requires a team of physicians and staff to treat.  Our department’s job is to coordinate that care to ensure the patient gets the best possible results and this requires the establishment of shared goals and clear communication between the patient, other practitioners and involved family members.”

For patients, having a Hospitalist manage their care means the logistics of their care are streamlined.  For example, a Hospitalist is responsible for sending a summary of what took place in the hospital, important test results collected during the admission and an updated medication list to the discharged patient’s setting of outpatient care.

“Bill has already implemented a number of reforms in our Intensive Care Unit, which have helped us improve our care by decreasing hospital acquired conditions, shortening length of hospitalization and reducing costs of care” says Dr. Joseph Pepe, President and CEO of CMC. “We are confident he will lead us to our goal of blending the best techniques with a more personal touch. Our goal is to provide excellence with heart.”

Dr. Goodman’s approach as Hospitalist Medical Director will mark a return of more traditional health care techniques. For example, to ensure clear communication, he is implementing daily “bedside multidisciplinary rounds” with members of the team caring for a patient including the physician, Nutritionist, social worker, bedside nurse, nurse practitioner and Pharmacist. The idea is that by having everyone together at once each morning, communication is maximized, goals are shared and misunderstandings are avoided.

In addition, to improve quality of patient care, Dr. Goodman has already implemented “Geographic Rounds” which refers to a change in the way Hospitalist doctors work in the Hospital.  Since early May, each doctor manages patients in a specific area of the hospital in order to keep them more closely connected to all of their patients.  It was common in the past that a hospitalist would have to visit patients in opposite corners of a hospital, which would separate them a few times per day from nursing staff, patients and their families.  Since doctors have been managing patients in just one area of the hospital they spend more time with the patient and other members of the patient’s care team.

If it sounds complicated, that’s because it is. The goal is better care through better communication and coordination.  “Think of it this way,” explains Dr. Goodman. “Imagine you are flying across the country and you have to change planes along the way.  Once you arrive at your connection, the airport staff has no idea who you are or where you are going and you have to explain your trip plans all over again.  My job is to prevent that from ever happening in CMC.  With a good Hospitalist, the journey for CMC patients will not be disjointed or so unsettling.”

“CMC has several specialty services, which means a patient can have several different doctors working on them at any one time,” says Dr. Goodman.  “The changes our department will implement blend new technology with old fashioned communication to improve the quality of care for everyone who comes to our hospital.”

Dr. William Goodman, a Dartmouth-Hitchcock pulmonologist and critical care specialist, serves in numerous capacities at CMC, including Medical Director of Intensive Care Unit, Medical Director of Respiratory Care, and he is a member of the hospital’s Medical Executive Committee and Quality Committee.  Dr. Goodman is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care Medicine.  Dr. Goodman will be working as a Hospitalist and will continue his outpatient Pulmonary Medicine practice at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock practices in Manchester and Derry, albeit at a slightly reduced capacity.  In addition to his clinical experience, he has a Master’s in Public Health from Harvard, which CMC leaders say provides a perfect blend of administrative insights with his real-world patient care experience.  He received his medical degree from Tufts University.  New Hampshire Magazine has repeatedly named Goodman one of our state’s “Top Docs” in Pulmonary Medicine. 

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