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CMC’S Breast Care Center Expands to New Location

Offering Safer Mammography and More Tests for all Women

Catholic Medical Center’s (CMC) Breast Care Center moved on Monday from the main hospital campus to a dedicated office suite in Bedford Medical Park where it will be the first in the state to offer safer 3-D tomosynthesis technology  approved by FDA in September.

CMC is installing the latest, most sophisticated breast imaging equipment available.  It is low-dose 3-D mammography called SenoClaire, a GE Healthcare technology.

“While mammography is standard for breast cancer screening,” said Connie Campbell, MD, FACS, surgical director of breast health, CMC Breast Cancer Center, “individual patients have unique circumstances and it is exciting to have available the full spectrum of breast imaging.”  

At its new location, the CMC Breast Care Center offers standard digital mammography, tomosynthesis (3-D mammography), ultrasound, automated ultrasound and contrast-enhanced mammography.  CMC also continues to offer breast MRI. 

In April 2015, CMC plans to have available an open breast MRI machine at the Bedford Medical Park.  Sophisticated imaging equipment can help reduce call backs, spot abnormalities sooner, and reduce the number of follow-up tests for suspicious test results.  In addition, the imaging equipment helps target abnormal areas which require image-guided biopsies.

Mammography uses X-rays to take images the breast. “Our GE SenoClaire tomosynthesis reduces a woman’s exposure to X-rays while creating unparalleled image clarity in 3-D,” said Elizabeth Angelakis, MD, chief of breast imaging, CMC Breast Care Center. “The radiation dose from CMC’s 3-D tomosythesis is equal to a standard 2-D test but with greater detail.”

Angelakis explains that the GE device uses low-dose short sweeps to create pictures of micro-thin layers of the breast. Computer generation compiles the slices to create an interactive 3-D image that she can manipulate digitally on a screen—rotating, zooming and comparing side-by-side images of the mammogram to explore any abnormalities.

Breast density varies from woman to woman.  The availability of the full range of imaging will assist practitioners in identifying abnormalities even in the dense breast.

Contrast enhanced digital mammography, a relatively new approach, enhances a breast nodule or lesion on the mammogram. The procedure is used in problem solving a suspicious area on mammography or a palpable lump. “The mammogram is performed after the injection of contrast, which causes cancer to ‘light up,’” said Angelakis. “This technique allows us to make diagnostic mammography a more powerful and sensitive tool to detect cancer.” 

“Breast care can be frightening and anxiety provoking,” said Janet Maher-Cote, RN, CBPN-IC, certified breast health navigator, CMC Breast Care Center, who works one-on-one with Breast Care Center patients to understand each test and treatment. “We empower women with information, education, and support to provide a compassionate environment for hope and healing.”

The new location for the CMC Breast Care Center is just off South River Road at the Bedford Medical Park, Suite 203, 9 Washington Place, Bedford, NH 03110.

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