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Baby arrives in CMC parking lot

Live parking only: Baby arrives in hospital lot
By Mark Hayward
New Hampshire Union Leader

Jaycob Corkins waits for no one, not even his mom.

The impatient imp forced his way into the world Tuesday in a car parked in a Catholic Medical Center parking lot, just feet from the comfort of an emergency room and all its trained doctors and medical equipment.

Julie Guay-Cabral said her fiance parked the car and ran into the emergency room, announced the impending birth and collapsed. Meanwhile, she just grabbed the baby’s head and pulled the boy out.

“It’s just a mother’s instinct,” said Guay-Cabral, who gave birth on her 21st birthday. “It sounds weird: he’s all slimy, not the most pleasant looking thing, but he’s yours.”

By the time little Jaycob was out, Catholic Medical Center emergency room workers rushed out a gurney and wheeled the patients into the emergency room, she said.

“It’s always hysterical; everyone’s freaking out and running around,” said CMC emergency room Dr. Jon Vacik, who said the birth is about the sixth for the emergency room this year. The hospital ER handles a car birth about once every five years, he said.

“Everyone’s always excited when there’s a birth. It’s beautiful, and there’s an air of hysteria,” he said.

Generally, the more births a woman has — or the closer they are together — the easier they are for the mom, he said.

Guay-Cabral said she had given birth to her first child 11 months ago, so when she started feeling pressure, she started pushing. The family piled into the 2008 Hyundai Accent, and fiance Jeremy Corkins flew from their Londonderry home, breaking a side-view mirror off in the process.

While Corkins ran into the hospital, she delivered the baby. When she spoke Tuesday, 6-pound, 10-ounce Jaycob was on her chest, wiggling his fingers.

“He’s actually amazing,” Guay-Cabral said.

Anyone experiencing such a birth should not panic and realize childbirth is a pretty natural thing, Vacik said.

After birth, it’s important to keep the baby warm, the doctor said. The best spot is on the mother’s chest, where the baby will be comforted by the mother’s heat and heartbeat, he said.

If the umbilical cord can’t be clamped, it’s preferable to keep baby and mom on the same level to prevent blood from either person mixing through the cord, he said. Rubbing the back provides enough stimulus for the baby to open his mouth and clear away any fluids

“Spanking the kid, we don’t do that,” he said.



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