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What to Expect

Upon you fist visit to the Vein Center we will introduce you to our courteous staff, examine your condition and fully explain the recommended procedure.

Realistic Expectations of Results
Individual results will vary based on the specific person’s anatomy. Generally, treatment of superficial venous insufficiency (leaking veins) with endovenous ablation will eliminate the problem of reflux and should help stop the symptoms of pain and discomfort. However, this treatment may not make varicose veins and/or spider veins disappear completely. Swelling related to reflux in the deep veins of your legs may persist. Additional procedures, such as phlebectomy or sclerotherapy, may be necessary to achieve optimal results. These procedures will not be performed until the results of the laser treatment are apparent.

General Information
• Bring a pair of shorts with you to each visit.
• Once you receive compression hose, bring them back with you to each visit.
• Do not wear any lotion on your legs, or area being treated, the day of treatment.
• On average, each spider vein requires 3 to 5 treatments before resolution.
• Laser: NO sun exposer or tanning bed use for four weeks before a treatment, and no artificial tanner use for two weeks before a treatment.

Vein Surgery
• Bring a driver to drive you home.
• No one other than the patient and the medical staff are allowed on the surgery room.
• You may resume normal activity 2 days after surgery.
• You may resume exercise after 1 week.
• Do not swim or use a hot tub for 2 weeks after surgery.
• Do not take aspirin, aspirin products, or Vitamin E supplements for 5 days before surgery.
• You should eat a normal breakfast before coming in for surgery. You can also take normal medicines except the aspirin products.
• A two(2) week notice must be given to any surgery cancellation or a $200.00 fee will be charged.


• Leave your hose on for 24 hours. Remove the bandages and you may take a shower.
• The veins will look worse before they look better.
• There will be bruising which is normal.
• Occasionally there is a hard knot that may be tender. This is normal and will resolve.
• Occasionally there is a brownish discoloration after injections. This is transient and will fade over time. It can take several months to fade.
• Occasionally there will be tenderness in the area treated. Extra strength Tylenol will help with this discomfort.

Laser Treatment
• The laser typically does causes a mild redness that lasts about 2 days
• Occasionally, you may see brown dots where the spider veins that were treated with the laser were.
• Occasionally, you may get a bruise or hard knot in the area treated. This is normal and will resolve. It may take 2-3 weeks and occasionally will take several months.
• If any pain persists, inform the nurse.
• Wear the pantyhose for 24 hours straight. Take off any bandages at this time and you may shower. Wear the pantyhose for the perscibed duration after treatment.
• Do not tan or use artificial tanning lotions during the treatment.

Endovenous Laser Treatment and Ambulatory Phlebectomy
• The day of surgery and the next day, relax and keep you leg elevated as much as possible. Get up about every hour and walk about 5 minutes during the day.
• On the following morning remove the compression dressings. You may take a shower. Put the compression hose on and wear them when you are up and around. You do not have to sleep in the compression hose.
• Wear the compression hose for 2 weeks.
• If you are prescribed Motrin or another type of anti-inflammatory medicine, take it as directed until it is gone.
• If you are prescribed antibiotics, take them as directed until they are gone.
• Return for you scheduled appointment.

For any discomfort take Extra Strength Tylenol or the prescribed pain medication.

A small amount of oozing is normal. If you feel the dressings need changed please page the nurse on call.

Wait at least one week before resuming exercising. Light walking is allowed after 3-4 days. Judge this according to how you feel.

Wait at least 2 weeks before getting into a hot tub/spa or pool.

Mini Phlebectomy
• Take it easy for the rest of the day. Relax on the couch or in your recliner. Do get up at least once an hour and walk around.
• On the following day you may resume your normal activities including working.
• Wear your compression stockings over night tonight and remove them and the bandages on the following morning. Shower as normal and them wear your compression stockings for 7 days.
• If you exercise, you may resume your exercise routine beginning on the following day.
• Bruising is normal. We expect the area treated to look worse before it looks better. It is also normal to feel hard “knots” or “bumps” that may be sore. These will resolve over time.
• If you experience discomfort, Tylenol, Advil, or Motrin is usually sufficient. If these are not effective, please page the nurse on call or call the office during business hours and a prescription will be given to you.
• Return on your next scheduled appointment for your next treatment.

Insurance Coverage
Most insurance companies recognize treatment of saphenous reflux and painful varicose veins as a medically necessity. As a result, laser treatment and an ambulatory phlebectomy will be covered if three to six months of conservative treatments (compression stockings, weight control, exercise and /or elevation) have been unsuccessful.

Treatment of spider veins with sclerotherapy is considered by most insurance companies to be cosmetic and is not usually covered.

CMC's Vein Center accepts most insurance carriers in the region. The office will file your claim with your insurance company; however, the individual is ultimately responsible for any charges that are not covered. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to verify insurance coverage and/or non-covered costs before scheduling any procedures.

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