Pulmonary Fitness

Pulmonary Fitness Catholic Medical Center 100 McGregor Street Level D Manchester NH 03102
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Fax: 603.665.2449

Program Highlights
You will be provided resources to better manage your chronic illness, including:
  • Build and be able to use your own respiratory 'tool box'
  • Learn how to use a personalized action plan
  • Be educated on proper medication delivery and compliance
  • Receive information from multidisciplinary experts for healthier living and symptom management

Why pulmonary fitness?
Chronic breathing problems can turn routine, simple tasks into a struggle. Pulmonary fitness focuses on building strength and endurance. CMC’s Pulmonary Fitness team will work with you, setting realistic goals for performing everyday tasks and activities with less impairment.

You'll meet and learn from others who are facing similar challenges in a safe, comfortable environment.

What to expect
Both a respiratory therapist and an exercise physiologist help you manage chronic pulmonary conditions through education and individualized exercise plans. The Program’s Medical Director is a board-certified pulmonologist who oversees the implementation of your care plan and progress through the program.

CMC’s eight week Pulmonary Fitness Program consists of:
  • Two, 1-2-hour, medically-monitored, small group exercise sessions per week
  • Classroom education for self management of pulmonary conditions with online alternativeso  
    • Topics include: disease and stress management, symptom control, proper medication use, optimal nutrition, energy conservation strategies and palliative care.

Conditions & Expertise