Music & the Relaxation Response

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$ 10


Catholic Medical Center
100 McGregor Street
Roy Auditorium—Level C
Manchester NH 03012
This two-part course will take a deeper look into the use of music to induce relaxation. The work of Dr. Herbert Benson, MD will serve as a primary reference to explain the powerful phenomenon known as the Relaxation Response; Dr. Benson, the founder of the Harvard University Mind/ Body Medical Institute, is a pioneer of groundbreaking research into the mind/body connection. Along with examining these findings, we will demonstrate how music has a unique ability to impact the body and brain in specific ways that are conducive to relaxation and stress management. Participants will have an opportunity to experience music and relaxation demonstrations.

$10, registration required, Sep 16 & Sep 23
Event Date
Mon, Sep 16 - Mon, Sep 23
6:00PM - 7:30PM
Please call 603.626.2626 to register.