ADHD Friendly Strategies for Adults

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$ 25


195 McGregor Street
Lower level—Suite L22
(Brick mill building across the street from the Hospital/Emergency Dept; parking available in front of building)
Manchester NH 03102
If you are an adult with ADHD (ttention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), or think you have it, and want to organize your life, this workshop will teach you ADHD friendly strategies. Sue West, Productivity & ADHD Coach has been working with clients with symptoms of ADHD for more than ten years, and will present ideas and practical approaches to meeting some of your specific challenges. ADHD is about figuring out what will work for you to manage your own symptoms. Bring your own strategies that work so you can share them with others! Consider bringing a family member to understand ADHD, too. We’ll talk about practical ways to:
  • Keep track of keys, phones, and other things you need to get out the door on time;
  • Stay focused, lose the distractions, hold interruptions at bay;
  • Be on time more often (people with ADHD have a different sense of time);
  • Remember important things to do, at the right time when you (or someone else at home/work) wanted you to do them;
After our workshop, you’ll receive a link to Sue’s workbook,“You Are Not Your Adult ADHD,” a workbook with exercises, more strategies and her approach for starting new ADHD friendly strategies.
Event Date
Thu, May 9
6:00PM - 7:15PM
Please call 603.626.2626 to register.