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Weight Loss Support Groups


The New England Weight Management Institute (NEWMI) support groups meet monthly and are designed for pre-operative and post-operative patients who have had or are going to have gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or adjustable gastric banding surgery.
Some of the support group sessions include:
  • Post-operative patients who discuss experiences and concerns
  • Behavioral health specialists who focus on behavioral approaches to weight control
  • Exercise physiologists who discuss the importance of exercise and demonstrate exercise tactics
  • Protein taste testing: sample some of the high protein supplements needed for post-operative recovery
  • Plastic surgeon who discusses procedures available following significant weight loss 
  • Exploration of plastic surgery options for patients who have achieved significant weight loss and need assistance in managing excess skin

Surgical Weight Loss Support Groups

We offer both pre-operative and post-operative surgical weight loss support groups.

Pre-operative surgical weight loss support group: 2nd Monday of the month: 6-6:45 PM

Post-operative surgical weight loss support group: Last Wednesday of the month

  • For patients who are less than one year out from surgery-5:30-6:15 PM
  • For patients who are more than one year out from surgery-6:30-7:15 PM

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