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Success Stories

CMC Surgical Weight Loss Patient Success Stories

At CMC's New England Weight Management Institute, we celebrate and recognize the hard work and healthy lifestyle changes of our patients who have successfully achieved weight loss.
CMC's New England Weight Management Institute

Changing Your Life Through Weight Loss

Karen Gosselin shares her weight loss journey with Dr. Andrew Wu and CMC's New England Weight Management Institute. 'This has given me my confidence back. I knew it was going to be life-changing. I didn't know it was going to be this life-changing.'


my entire life

“This surgery changed my entire life! My activity with my kids is so much higher and my self-confidence is at an all-time high!”—Melissa, now 115 lbs lighter than before her gastric bypass surgery at CMC.

Meet Chris

Before & After

“Because of NEWMI and the bariatric program I can now ride a bike, hike in the beautiful mountains of NH, and most importantly, I no longer need a seat belt extension when I fly! All I ever wanted to do was ride a roller coaster—four months post gastric bypass I did just that at Universal in Florida! No testing the seats, no worrying if I would fit. All things I wanted to do or wished I could do, but you know, you’re not motivated to do until you lose the weight!”

Meet Phil

Gastric Sleeve Success

“Before weight loss surgery, I thought about food all the time. I still do but the difference now is I am in control of my choices and how those choices support my success.”
Phil, now 80 lbs lighter than before his gastric sleeve procedure at CMC.

meet Angela

Gastric Bypass Success

“My life has changed so much in so many positive ways. I’m living the life I always dreamt I would be living.”
Angela, now 107 lbs lighter than before her gastric bypass surgery at CMC.

Finding a Happy and Healthy Weight

Janice Rouleau knows that, sometimes, you have to lose something to gain something. In her case, she’s lost a lot and gained a lot.

A Winnable Marathon

Major Weight Loss

Rebecca’s life-long dream was achieved by overcoming a decades-long battle with weight. It takes a certain dedication and discipline to tackle a marathon: smart choices, change and sacrifice.