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Telehealth–Affiliated Hospitals & EMS

Partnering with Hospitals &
EMS Providers Across NH

Telehealth in a state like New Hampshire helps bring a high level of expert care to rural areas. It also  increases  round-the-clock coverage in specialties not typically staffed 24-hours a day at local hospitals. Our telemedicine doctors are all credentialed by CMC.

Currently, CMC offers telemedicine services in the following hospitals: 

And in collaboration with the following ambulance companies:

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Barbara McIntosh, MSN, RN
Manager of Telemedicine & Stroke Services 

Specialty Services

CMC currently uses telemedicine to deliver care in the following specialties:
Hospitalist Care

Hospitalists care for acutely ill patients while they are in the hospital, looking at the whole patient and not just the condition or procedure that led to their hospitalization. The telehospitalist program allows for a CMC hospitalist to work with the local care team to round out a patient’s care with a high level of expertise. Hospitalists are able to evaluate patients directly, as well as collaborate with the local team to manage the patient's care. 


Teleneurology brings a board- certified, CMC- credentialed neurologist into the emergency department, radiology, or a patient’s room via two-way video technology. The neurologist, working with a nurse or other provider on-site, can conduct patient consults and evaluations related to neurological events and  conditions.


teleneurospine service pushes geographic boundaries with patients who are in New Hampshire and a celebrated neurospine surgeon in Alaska. This collaboration between CMC, Dr. Thomas Kleeman of the New Hampshire Neurospine Institute, and Androscoggin Valley Hospital in Berlin allows patients to have a virtual visit with Dr. Kleeman from his office in Alaska. The consults are done via two-way video, with a medical assistant with the patient. Labs, physical therapy, and other follow up are done locally. If necessary, Dr. Kleeman can perform surgery at CMC during his regular visit to New Hampshire.


CMC’s telepsychiatry service with Massachusetts General Hospital provides psychiatric consult coverage for CMC inpatient units during hours when CMC’s internal or community resources are not available. This increases availability of urgent mental health care for hospitalized patients.


Telestroke services make the most of the minutes that matter by bringing in a stroke specialist to assess probable stroke patients at the earliest moment possible. Having a quick and thorough evaluation of a stroke patient via two-way video technology allows the physician to make treatment recommendations within the first hour of a patient reporting symptoms. This is referred to as “the golden hour” when treatment, typically administration of a medication called TPA, is most effective at stopping the 
devastating effects of a stroke.

Telestroke Ambulance Program

telestroke ambulance program brings telestroke technology into the back of an ambulance. A specialist’s early evaluation of probable stroke patients in the ambulance speeds  up the process of getting the patient brain-saving treatment.

TeleStroke Ambulance Program

Aiding Stroke Patients En Route

TeleSpecialists and CMC collaborate on a one-of-a-kind TeleStroke Ambulance Program. Using a cutting-edge telemedicine platform, ambulance crews can access expert neurologists, who will be able to see potential stroke patients en route to the hospital.