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Patient Transfers

One call does it all

CMC Patient Transfer Center serves as a single point of access to highly-specialized care through a simple transfer process. The Patient Transfer Center offers inpatient-to-inpatient and emergency-to-inpatient transfers from hospitals and facilities throughout the region.
Our personalized service includes:
  • Single point of access to a simple, seamless transfer process.
  • One call provides 24/7; 365 days a year coverage staffed by experienced RNs, who make your patient their priority.
  • Assistance with ambulance transport, when needed, through AMR.
  • In-house AMR representative to arrange transportation back to community facility.
  • Interface with bed management.
  • CMC’s expanded highly specialized services.
  • Provider access to cloud-based diagnostic imaging platform to assist with decision-making, reduced patient exposure to radiation, and reduced costs.
  • Patient Portal access for the referring provider to monitor their patient’s progress while at CMC.
  • Assistance with patient placement to quaternary care hospitals, when needed.
Transfer Steps:
  1. Call the CMC Patient Transfer Center at 1.855.603.BEDS (2337)
  2. RN answers call and triages your patient’s needs
  3. RN remains on the line to facilitate next steps
  4. Transfer plan is determined
  5. Once approved, our RN completes the transfer process
  6. Patient is transferred
  7. Patient follow-up is monitored through CMC's Patient Portal and case management
For quality purposes your call will be recorded.
When calling the CMC Patient Transfer Center, please have the following available:
  • Your name & call-back number
  • Patient’s name & date of birth
  • Location (facility name, unit/room number)
  • Diagnosis
  • Level of care needed
Patient Transfer Center


  • 24/7 service, 365 days
  • One call connects patients to 24 specialties
  • 49 hospitals, including 19 critical access hospitals, in three states have transferred patients to CMC
  • Average of 40 patients per week are transferred to CMC
  • Thousands of patients accepted since opening in 2013

1.855.603.BEDS (2337)
What’s CMC’s Patient Transfer Center all about?

For starters, it makes it much easier to move patients from other hospitals in the state to CMC for specialty care.

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Patient Transfer Center

One Call

This 24/7 service is available to providers by calling:

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