Technician moving wand over knee as performing ultra sound


Ultrasound is used for a wide range of exams, including vascular, obstetrical, gynecological, abdominal, breast, testicular and prostate studies, as well as for guidance during procedures such as biopsies, paracentesis and thoracentesis.

Our diagnostic imaging equipment includes:
  • Four ultrasound machines with upgradeable platforms to maintain state-of-the-art technology. These units perform the latest in 3-D and 4-D color, Doppler imaging and elastography. 
The Ultrasound Department at Catholic Medical Center is accredited by the American College of Radiology in General, OB/GYN, Peripheral and Cerebral Vascular, Abdominal and Deep Abdominal Ultrasound. 
National Accreditation
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Ultrasound Accreditation

The American College of Radiology Ultrasound accreditation program involves the acquisition of clinical images, submission of relevant physician reports corresponding to clinical images submitted, and quality control documentation.

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Our certified board-certified radiologists, technologists, registered nurses and experienced support staff provide advanced care with compassion and professionalism. 

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