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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine often identifies disease very early in its progression as it provides information about organ function and structure. The Nuclear Medicine Department at CMC performs a variety of tests that involve use of a low-dose radioactive substance, which either loses its radioactivity in a short time or is excreted.

Diagnosis, Treatment and Technologies

Nuclear Medicine Equipment

Three gamma cameras in our Nuclear Medicine/Molecular Imaging section: Each unit has attention correction, allowing for optimal image enhancement of cardiac perfusion imaging. These cameras can complete an entire body scan in 20 minutes, delivering better images in less time.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

Through an affiliation with NH Imaging Services and Alliance Healthcare, CMC offers a sophisticated a nuclear medicine procedure called Positron Emission Tomography (PET). Combining PET imaging with a CT scanner allows an image to be created that displays or “fuses” the organ function with the actual anatomy laid on top. These fused images provide the ability to not only see how the organ system is functioning, but where it is in the body in relation to other structures.

Cardiac PET Scan

Cardiac PET imaging provides diagnostic accuracy, excellent quality, and the ability to detect disease before symptoms are present. This extremely effective imaging tool is used to diagnose cardiac disease with higher accuracy and lower radiation exposure than traditional stress testing. During this test, you will be asked to lie down on a scanning table developed especially for the PET camera. Medication is administered through an IV line in a vein in your arm. Small pads called electrodes will be placed on your chest to monitor the electrical activity of your heart throughout the study. A small amount of radiopharmaceutical is given through your IV line, enabling the PET camera to capture images of your heart.

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Cardiac PET & Cardiac MR

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More detailed images of the heart help patients who may not otherwise get answers from traditional testing.

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