cardiac MRI

Cardiac MRI

Cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging, also known as cardiac MRI, is a non-invasive, no-radiation option for patients. Cardiac MRI uses a magnetic field and radio waves to get clear, sharp pictures of the heart and major blood vessels. Cardiac MRI provides detailed information on the type and severity of heart disease to determine appropriate diagnosis and specialized therapy of heart problems, such as coronary heart disease, heart valve problems cardiomyopathy (abnormal heart function) or damage from a heart attack. 
What is

advanced cardiac imaging?

Vikas Veeranna, MD explains how advanced cardiac imaging is the backbone of care at CMC's New England Heart & Vascular Institute.

Cardiac PET & Cardiac MR

New programs at CMC help provide answers

More detailed images of the heart help patients who may not otherwise get answers from traditional testing.

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Our team of specialists use the latest technology to create detailed images of your heart to diagnose and plan treatment.

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