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Hospital Medicine (Hospitalists)

What is a hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a physician who focuses on caring for patients in the hospital. These clinicians manage patients throughout their entire hospital stay, from the time they are admitted until the time they are discharged. Most hospitalists have completed training that emphasizes the care of acutely ill patients. 
The Hospital Medicine Program at CMC provides hospitalized patients with timely access to physician care throughout their hospital stay. Our hospitalists work closely as a team, so you may see more than one during your stay. A dedicated team of hospitalists means fewer interruptions in your care, less complications and round-the-clock physician availability.  At the time of discharge, hospitalists work with each patient on a suitable plan for their future health care needs.

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Hospital Medicine Team

Once admitted to the hospital, your hospital medicine team (hospitalists) will coordinate your course of treatment during your hospital stay, including ordering diagnostic imaging studies and lab work. He/She will review all your tests and adjust your care based on your test results. Throughout your stay, he/she will continue to update you on your plan of care.

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