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Heart Month

Every minute of your life four chambers and four valves beat 75 times and pump five quarts of blood throughout your body—your heart is one impressive muscle! 

Our cardiologists and heart specialists are constantly exploring new frontiers of minimally invasive care and treatment options that can reduce both discomfort and recovery time.

In celebration of February's National Heart Month, we are proud to share these events, stories and information to help educate and raise awareness of heart disease.
New England Heart & Vascular Institute

Your Heart Team

What makes a community hospital in New Hampshire a nationally-renowned center for pioneering heart health? A mix of compassion and commitment to excellence.

tue, feb 5
Zentangle Your Heart

Looking for a way to unwind from stress, focus your thoughts, or even just explore your creative side?

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Tue, Feb 19
Soup’s On!

Join CMC’s registered dietitians to learn how to make a heart healthy soup that is packed with nutrition.  

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wed, feb 20
Women & Heart Disease: What’s the Latest?

Join Dr. Michelle Ouellette as she shares the latest research & treatments for women, who are often unaware of their own personal risk for a cardiac event even in their younger years. 

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Pint sized


Stop by the new level B walkway, that connects to our Skybridge, to check out the devices that are some of the most impressive, recent advances which can be game changers for our heart patients by helping them thrive in their daily life.

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in the news
Heart Healthy: SCAD
Working to prevent SCAD's sneak-attack on women
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Heart Healthy: TAVR
Veteran looks forward to new milestones after TAVR procedure
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Coping With Heart Disease
Support groups ease the anxiety of heart patients
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healthy for good
Healthy Eating

Healthy eating starts with healthy food choices. Learn what to look for at the grocery store, restaurants, your workplace and any eating occasion.

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Move More

A good starting goal is at least 150 minutes a week, but if you don’t want to sweat the numbers, just move more! 

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Be well

How do you want to live? Along with eating right and being active, real health includes getting enough sleep, practicing mindfulness, managing stress, keeping mind and body fit, connecting socially and more.

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