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Iliac, Femoral & Popliteal Aneurysm

There are three different types of aneurysms, all which require similar treatment: 
  • Popliteal aneurysm—a bulge or weakness in the wall of the popliteal artery, which supplies blood to the knee joint, thigh and calf. A popliteal aneurysm can burst, which may cause life-threatening, uncontrolled bleeding. The aneurysm may also cause a blood clot, potentially requiring a leg amputation.
  • Iliac aneurysm—a bulge or weakness in the wall of the iliac artery, which is located in the pelvis. A ruptured iliac aneurysm can cause potentially fatal bleeding.  Symptoms can include pain in the back, abdomen or groin, but most iliac aneurysms don’t have any symptoms at all. 
  • Femoral aneurysm—a bulge or weakness in the wall of the femoral artery, located in the thigh. The aneurysm may also cause a blood clot.


Risk factors for aneurysm include:
  • Smoking
  • High blood pressure and/or cholesterol
  • PAD/PVD or abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Advanced age
  • Male gender
  • Complications from lower back or hip surgery
  • Previous vascular surgery
Our skilled team will work with you to determine the right treatment for symptoms, condition, and lifestyle.

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Lifestyle adjustments and medications

Smaller aneurysms that don’t cause any symptoms can be monitored with regular, repeat screenings to check its size and growth. Lifestyle changes include quitting smoking, eating a healthier diet, and, if necessary, taking medication to reduce blood pressure and/or cholesterol.

Interventional and surgical treatments

Larger aneurysms that are causing symptoms or are at high risk for rupturing can be treated with an endovascular or surgical procedure. CMC provides minimally invasive, stent graft procedures to treat aneurysms.


Vascular team

Our vascular physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and support staff bring extensive expertise and skill to each procedure, and take a personal interest in your well-being.

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