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WATCHMANTM:  a revolutionary approach to reducing stroke risk from a-fib

heart_-squares_watchman2.pngThe WATCHMAN™ left atrial appendage closure (LAAC) device was developed for patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation (AFib) as an alternative to the blood thinners they often take to reduce their stroke risk. 

AFib is an abnormal heart rhythm that can cause irregular heart beating and can cause blood to pool and clot inside the heart. That clot, if released, could cause a stroke which can be fatal or disabling. The WATCHMAN™ device closes off the left atrial appendage, which is the most common place where clots can form, enabling most people to stop their blood thinning medication. This therapy can be an important option for patients who are at risk of bleeding.

CMC is a leader in the minimally-invasive WATCHMAN procedure, being the first hospital in New England to implant the device after FDA approval. We were also one of the first sites in the world to enroll WATCHMAN™ and to implant the new WATCHMAN FLX™.





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An alternative to blood thinners

Tiny implant helps control risk of stroke due to atrial fibrillation


How would you feel if your doctor suggested you be the first to try something? The first person in New England to have a new device implanted in your heart to reduce your chance of stroke? Seventy five year old Kenneth Hynes couldn’t say no. 



After the WATCHMAN™ procedure, Cecelia Deschambault says “I definitely do have my life back."

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Kristen ​L'heureux, RN, BSN, WATCHMAN™ Coordinator, works alongside our team of board-certified cardiologists to offer AFib patients the WATCHMAN™ procedure.