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Heart valve disease refers to any of several conditions that prevent one or more of the valves in the heart from functioning effectively. It most often occurs in the mitral valve or the aortic valve, both on the left side of the heart. There are two common types of valve disease: stenosis (narrowing of the valve) and insufficiency (valve leakage). Left untreated, heart valve disease can reduce how well the heart is able to pump blood to the body, effecting quality of life and sometimes becoming life-threatening. 

If you have been diagnosed with heart valve disease, there are various treatment options. Some may be as simple as lifestyle modifications and/or taking medication. In some cases, you may need to have the valve repaired or replaced, restoring normal function and allowing you to return to normal activities.

CMC leads the way in innovative treatments for patients with heart valve disease. Our Structural Heart Team, made up cardiac surgeons and cardiologists, work together to determine the optimal approach to evaluating and treating valvular disease to make sure you’re getting the right treatment and ongoing care for your condition.



A number of tests or imaging may be conducted to diagnose your valvular condition.
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Depending on various factors, for some patients needing valve repair or replacement, a minimally-invasive approach may be recommended. CMC has a leading program for minimally-invasive treatments for both valve repair and replacement, including:

  • TAVR
  • MitraClip
  • Percutaneous mitral valve replacement 

Surgical Treatment

Should you need surgery on one of your heart valves, it is usually performed through an incision in your chest. Your surgeon may recommend heart valve repair when possible. This way your valve is preserved and heart function can be improved. 

In certain cases, the valve must be replaced. There are various types of heart valves available. Your heart team will discuss the options with you and decide which is best for you. With successful surgery, you can expect relief from your symptoms, excellent long-term durability and, often, a return to completely normal activity.

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Heart Valve Clinic

If you suffer with symptoms of heart valve disease ​the multi-specialty team at our Heart Valve Clinic are committed to finding the best therapies, with a focus on minimally invasive options, and returning you back to a fulfilling life.

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Heart Valve Disease

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