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Interventional Cardiology

minimally invasive approach to diagnose, evaluate and treat blockages in the cardiovascular system

Interventional cardiology is a minimally invasive approach to diagnose, evaluate, and treat cardiac, valve and vascular disease. Most procedures—ranging from a test of heart function to replacement of a diseased valve—are completed through a small, hollow tube called a catheter. This catheter is placed in an artery and expertly guided into the diseased area. Procedures performed by interventional cardiologists are usually short and require a minimal hospital stay.

The New England Heart & Vascular Institute (NEHVI) harnesses advanced technologies in our state-of-the-art catheterization labs. In addition, we have a 24/7, highly-trained cardiac team to perform life-saving interventions for someone experiencing a heart attack and/or cardiac arrest.  Our interventional cardiologists are among the most skilled in the region at using leading-edge treatments for heart and valve disease like TAVR, MitraClip® and CardioMEMS™.


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