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Heart Valve Clinic

Valve disease most often occurs in the mitral valve or the aortic valve, both on the left side of the heart. There are two common types of valve disease, stenosis (narrowing of the valve) and insufficiency (valve leakage). 

CMC leads the way in innovative treatments for patients with heart valve disease. Our Heart Valve Clinic provides a multi-disciplinary approach to evaluating and treating valvular disease, with a focus on minimally invasive options. The cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, radiologists, and nurses work together to make sure you’re getting the right treatment and ongoing care for your condition.

The New England Heart & Vascular Institute has renowned and leading-edge programs to treat valve problems including:
  • MitraClip®MitraClip® is a minimally invasive procedure that closes the center of the mitral valve, allowing blood to flow to either side of the clip and decrease leakage. CMC is the first hospital in southern New Hampshire to offer this therapy.

Our team was also the first in the state to perform a completely percutaneous mitral valve replacement.  

Diagnosis, Treatment and Technologies

Testing & Imaging Studies

A number of tests or imaging studies may be conducted to diagnose your valvular condition. Learn more:

Non-invasive testing


Depending on your diagnosis and overall health, treatment could include medication, surgery, or minimally-invasive repair or replacement. Learn more:

Interventional Procedures
Cardiac Surgery

CMC First in Southern NH to Perform Procedure

MitraClip® Patient Story

“I can do a lot more now,” says Beverly who recently went with her college aged great-granddaughter to Portland, Maine. “I was so surprised I could keep up with her!”

Meet our

Heart Valve Clinic Team

Under the direction of Kristin McMahon, RN, Valve Clinic Coordinator, our team of board-certified cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and radiologists collaborate to offer treatment options for patients with heart valve disease.

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