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Addiction Medicine

Addiction is a disease that devastates individuals, families and communities. As the science of addiction continues to advance, the most important aspects of care remain access and a non-judgmental approach.

CMC's Addiction Medicine is here to meet our communities need to address the disease of addiction in both the hospital and outpatient setting. In addition to evaluation and management of substance use and addictive behaviors, Dr. Rossignol can offer management of opioid, alcohol and nicotine use disorders with medications and counseling.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) relies on carefully-prescribed medications, such as buprenorphine (ie, suboxone) and naltrexone (ie, vivitrol), to help reduce cravings for opioids and other substances, while instituting other therapies including referrals for behavioral health counseling, mutual help attendance and supporting the patient in managing other aspects of their disease. CMC is also taking part in a National Institutes of Health study, initiating MAT to patients in the Emergency Department with the goal of reducing future overdoses and deaths and expediting treatment at point of care.

CMC Addiction Medicine offers:
  • Resources for patients, families and friends concerning substance use disorders
  • Non-judgmental approach to people looking for assistance with finding treatment and recovery
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Evaluation and management of alcohol, drug and other addictions
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CMC Launches Addiction Medicine Practice

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Roots for Recovery

Addiction care for you & your baby

Our staff offers addiction treatment and recovery services along with high-quality, compassionate, perinatal care for you and your baby—all at CMC’s Pregnancy Care Center. Get the care, support and treatment you need for a healthy pregnancy and a successful recovery journey.

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Addiction Medicine Team

Our physicians and support staff bring extensive expertise and skill in treating addiction, and take a personal interest in your well-being.

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