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In order to better recognize the generosity of our donors, in 2016 Catholic Medical Center established a Donor Society which recognizes donations at various giving levels based on total cumulative giving throughout the calendar year.

Catholic Medical Center gratefully acknowledges those individuals who have made gifts in support of CMC’s mission. Below you will find listed the individuals, corporations and foundations who are members of the 2016 Catholic Medical Center Donor Society (gifts made from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016).

President’s Society
($10,000 - $49,999)
Kenneth and Grace Solinsky
($7,500 - $9,999)
Dr. Joseph and Anne-Marie Pepe
($5,000 - $7,499)
Robert and Gretchen Christman
Dr. Powen and Maureen Hsu
Robert J. Larkin, MD
($2,500 - $4,999)
Anonymous (1)
Dr. Craig and Kristen Berry
Richard M. Bunker
Eleanor Wm. Dahar, Esq.
Dr. William and Jane Goodman
Sharon J. Hickey
Paul and Karen Mertzic
Carolanne O’Sullivan and Bill Sturgis
Merryll and Gary Rosenfeld
Alex and Lisa Walker
($1,000 - $2,499)
Anonymous (1)
Frank and Irene Buhl
Drs. Jeffrey and Karen Calegari
Stephen Camann
Dr. Charles and Tracey Carrier
John and Maureen Cronin
Thomas and Pamela Della Flora
Dr. Robert Dewey and Ms. Pamela VanArsdale
Edward and Sarah Dudley
Leona L. Dudley, RN
Robert and Doreen Duhaime
Patricia Farrell
Drs. Louis Fink and Pamela Grich
Susan Hughes Flanagan
Peter and Connie Gosline
Thomas R. Groleau
Marc Guillemette and Leza Sarrouf-Guillemette
Dr. Stephen Hanlon and Dr. Susan Fanburg
Drs. Connor Haugh and Andree Phillips
Dr. Susan and Thomas Huard
Matt and Julie Kfoury
Peggy and Ron Lambert
Gordon and Valrie Lewis
Susan T. Manning
Pamela and Normand Martel
Karen and Robert McLaughlin
Robert and Maria Mongan
Lucille and James Mulla
Dr. Jennifer and Jonathan Packard
Nicole and Sandro Pendenza
Marguerite and Gerald Pilotte
Diane Murphy Quinlan, Esq.
Robert W. Rzepka, MD
Don and Diane St. Germain
Dr. Keith and Suzanne Stahl
Jane A. Steckowych
John B. Sullivan, Jr.
Jennifer and George Torosian
Dorothy and Mike Welsh
Circle of Hope
($500 - $999)
Anonymous (4)
Adele Boufford Baker
Zubin S. Batlivala, MD
Dr. Steven and Robin Beaudette
L. Paul Blais, Jr.
Celeste L. Bourque
Melissa L. Brown
Laurie J. Burnham
Peter and Mary Cataldo
Dr. Robert and Kathleen Catania
Dr. David and Jane Charlesworth
Maryann Christie
Michael P. Cloutier
Dr. William and Jane Clutterbuck
Lauren M. Collins-Cline
Keri and Paul Degen
Mary T. Desrochers
Janice and David Deziel
Michael J. DuBois
Janet T. Frongillo
Patricia C. Furey, MD
Thomas C. Hathcoat
J. Claude and Jeannine Laroche
Todd S. Littlefield
Pamela J. Meyer
Mary E. Pierce, DMD
Scott Pippin
Richard Raduzycki
Ronald and Jane Rioux
Carol A. Ruggiero
Nancy A. Sanford
Lori D. Schatzl
Thomas J. Schofield
Cheryl P. Segal
The Tsingos Family
Circle of Healing
($250 - $499)
Kerry A. Allen
Jessica Amaya Valencia
Anonymous (4)
Jessica Lamb Arvanitis
Nancy J. Beaudoin
Jeffrey F. Bleakley, MD
Claire S. Boisvert
Jarad A. Bowen
Robert L. Boyd
Brenda and Andrew Cannon
David J. Caparrelli, MD
Carolyn G. Claussen, MD
Colette M. Comtois
Michelle C. Considine
Dr. R. Scott and Judith Crandall
Dr. Stratton and Betsy Danes
Dawn M. Desilets
Dr. and Mrs. Sylvio L. Dupuis
Deborah S. Duvall
Lorrie L. Ellis
Arpie Evans
Tracey L. Fahie
Leandro J. Feo, MD
Dr. Philip and Michelle Fitzpatrick
Bonnie L. Frisard
Marlene L. Garon
Emily K. Gaudette
Sandra A. Goddard
Denise M. Goonan
Eileen D. Grunwald
Todd E. Grzywacz
Kathy M. Hebert-Morello
Gregory and Linda Hood
Richard T. Iannacone
Toufic Imam, MD
Mary E. Jenkins
Karen E. Kennett
Lauren C. Ledoux
Celeste M. Legere
Peter and Barbara Letvinchuk
Neil A. Levesque
Jeanne-Marie Maher, MD, FACP
Dr. Patrick and Kate Mahon
Michelle L. McQuarrie
Gregory D. Opritza, MD
Lynne A. Ouellette
Heidi Paradis
Ellen M. Pitre
Jocelyn D. Poisson
Cheryl A. Proulx
Andrea Rathbone
Laura M. Raymond
Michelle L. Reynolds
Rachel L. Rousselle
Mary L. Smith
Tracy M. Tinker
Richard J. Tomolonis, MD
Susan L. Tremblay
Janet M. Troski
Petronella A. Wilkey
Mary D. Wood-Gauthier
Lorrie B. Woodward
Andrew S. Wu, MD
Circle of Health
($100 - $249)
Adele M. Ainsworth
Anonymous (15)
Drs. Sergio and Josefina Arambulo
Cindy F. Audet
Matthew A. Augeri
Suzanne M. Avella
Deborah E. Barnard
Susan J. Barnes, APRN
Robert and Nancy Beaurivage
Nancy L. Bedard
Gerard Belliveau
Catherine A. Bemis
Patricia Benoit
Sandra A. Berube
Debra B. Blake
Lisa M. Bono
Leon and Jeannette Brassard
Carol A. Burke
Janet M. Burke
Danielle Butler
Michele L. Byrne
Victor N. Carbone, Jr.
Barbara A. Case
Jerri Clemens
Karlene A. Cloutier
Scott and Karla Colby
Stephen and Nicole Condodemetraky
Douglas Cowie
Captain Susan A. Cuddy, USN Ret.
Brian P. Cusson
Jeannette M. Davila
Kathryn K. Davis
Dr. James DeLeo and Dr. Daphnie Mercado
Farrah S. Deselle
James W. Desmarais
Msgr. Charles E. DesRuisseaux
Michael R. Dion, DMD
Donna M. Dombrauskas
Tammy A. Dulude
Michael and Therese Dupuis
Richard C. Dyer
Joanne C. Eddinger
Ralph P. Ergas, DMD
Thomas J. Fairfield
J. Roderick and Ann Falby
William Faller
Salvatore A. Farina
Timothy and Patricia Fletcher
Dr. James and Michelle Flynn
Lynda S. French
William G. Friedrich
Claudia B. Gardner, RN
Michael J. Gillespie
Bruce W. Gillette
Rossana S. Goding
Daniel A. Goldfarb, DMD
Richard J. Gore
Dr. William and Deborah Graff
Carol B. Greenwood
Laurie Guiney
Lynn A. Hale
Hollis E. Harrington, Jr.
Pamela L. Harvey
Kimberly A. Higgins
Denise G. Houseman
Ivan Ip, MD, MPH
Dr. Samuel Joffe and Mary McCabe
Howard D. Johnson
Jo-Anne Johnson, DMD
Sarah Jones
Derek T. Jurus, DO
Lindsay A. Kaled
Edward D. Kazakavich
Kim S. Kennedy
Gemma J. King
Nadia Kirpolenko
Roger A. Lamontagne, DMD
Donna L. LaRochelle
Rene and Fayne Leclerc
Debra I. Lemire
Melissa J. Lussier
Jill S. MacGregor
Nancy A. Malo
Jo-Anne Manson
Kathryn Marquis
William and Ann Marvin
Michelle A. Masterson
Kevin J. Maus
John and Jean McGiffin
Alfred W. Morabito
Timothy K. Moser
Randy and Melanie Murray
Michael D. Neal, DMD
Nancy R. Parent
Nancy J. Pariser, MD
Janet M. Parker-Ferren
Paul D. Parnass
Robert and Rose Marie Phillips
Heather L. Portillo
Donald R. Poulin
Amy L. Pratte
Ɨ Roberta E. Provencal
Denise D. Raymond
Drs. Richard Read and Evelyne Caron
Leah M. Rollins
Gloria B. Ross
Camille and Joyce Sarrouf
Robert Schruender
Jason A. Shaw
Kenneth and Miriam Simmons
Ronald and Edith Soucy
Ellen T. Stickney
Fr. Patrick Sullivan, OSB
Joann H. Sylvain
John V. Tamulaitis
Nancy S. Teixeira
Richard M. Torossian
Christopher Turner
Luellyn J. Valtin
Raymond and Patricia Waterman
Sandra L. Watts
Allan and Suzanne Whitney
Julie A. Wilkins
Jack and Joyce Wilkinson
Allyson B. Worthington
Robert and Elaine Wyman
Circle of Compassion
($1 - $99)
Margaret J. Adolt
Madelyn R. Albee
Mary Ann Aldrich
Maura E. Amrol
Michael and Patricia Andres
Anonymous (38)
Richard and Lori Ashooh
Marcelle I. Aubin
Stephanie Austin
Louis and Marie Bakanowsky
Linda C. Barbett
Ɨ Indicates donor is deceased
Yvon R. Baribeau, MD
Diane M. Barrios
Mary A. Basso
James R. Bastis
Maryanne Bates
Francine D. Beaudoin
Stephen Black
Robert P. Boucher
Margaret A. Bourque
William and Patricia Bowes
Francine Boyer
Robert and Marguerite Bradshaw
Cecile S. Brasley
Katherine D. Brodksy
Russell and Linda Brown
Tiffany S. Brown
Fay E. Bulcock
Carol A. Buress
Frank and Nancy Burl
Noel M. Camire
Natalie M. Canario
Donald and Madeleine Carano
Lise M. Carrier
Cheryl L. Carter
Lucien and Lillian Caza
Nilza M. Check
David L. Clairmont
Donald and Priscilla Clark
Eleanor Cogswell
James and Helen Collins
M.J. Genevieve Cormier
Marlies G. Coronado
Sylvie N. Cote
Richard and Noella Coulon
Renee Crawford
Virginia M. Crocker
Calvin E. Crooks, Jr.
Kathline F. Culbert
Kimberly A. Cummings
James J. Cunningham
Robert and Lorraine Daly
Gertrude D’Avella
Patricia M. Davenport
Gerald DeCarteret
Arlene L. Delahanty
Ralph P. DeMarco
Lorraine C. Demers
William and Lise Deneau
Robert and Barbara Dennis
Jennifer A. Denoya
Marjorie J. Dinsmoor
Anthony A. Donati
Edward W. Drew
Elizabeth H. Drolet
Marcy M. Dube
Rochelle J. Durette
Jonathan J. Eddinger, MD
Joan S. Edwards
Eiko Farrar
The Reverend George G. Faul
Debra A. Filleul
Richard and Joan Fleming
Rose M. Flint
Pamela S. Florence
Karen E. Florenzano
Mary M. Foley
Malcolm and Rebecca Forbes
Steven J. Freeman
Steven and Darlene Friedman
Elaine M. Frisella
Kristin E. Fudala
Mike Gallagher
Mary E. Gleason
John K. Glidden
Billie and Laurette Glisson
Dawn M. Gregory
Andrea J. Haddad
Bernard G. Hailson
Ɨ Winston A. Hall
Michael and Tricia Halliday
Anders and Evelyn Hansen
Sarilynn K. Harkness
Joan Hatch
Bruce and Rosalie Hawes
James E. Heald
Benjamin and Mildred Henault
Dawn L Hobbs, APRN
John J. Hollins
Leonard R. Hooper
Maurice and Rose Houle
Rebecca J. Hubert
Amira Imad
Amy L. Jarest
Joseph and Maria Kilar
Pamela D. Killam
Virginia Kilpack
Ɨ Indicates donor is deceased
Georgios D. Kitsis
Frank W. Klimm
Richard and Iona Kowalske
Janet M. Kurylak
Pattyann J. Labrie
Pierre R. LaBrie
Sadie B. Labrie
Joseph A. Lafreniere
Dr. Ovide and Jeanne Lamontagne
Ovide and Elizabeth Lamontagne
Barbara S. Lantiegne
Robert A. Laplante
Margaret J. Lappas
Kasey Larkin
Sheila M. Lavigne
Lynn S. Leland
Diane B. Lemay
Dolores P. Lemay
Patricia D. Lencki
Catherine C. Lopez
Janice C. Lucier
Theodore MacDonald
Tanya K. Malette
Nora Mancini-Spero
Joseph Mancuso
Deborah E. McCarter-Spaulding
Peter and Susan McDowell
Christine A. McKenney
Albert and Phyllis McMahon
Carol A. Medeiros
Walter and Edith Meyer
Alastair R. Millns
Kathryn L. Mores
Thomas and Joan Morrissey
Charles and Gloria Newton
Julienne Nicoletti
Bruce Noel
Marie C. Ouellette
Diane B. Pais
John and Nancy Pappas
Richard and Denise Paradise
Diane M. Parks
Ronald and Donna Perry
Yvonne M. Petit
Dorothy C. Picard
Margaret E. Piecuch
Maureen F. Piel
Roger and Eveline Provencher
Richard and Marsha Rawlings
John T. Regula
Harold T. Reilly, Sr.
Yvette E. Rheault
Lillian A. Rheaume
Margaret Rice
Stanley K. Richardson
Martha E. Riendeau
Timothy F. Ring
Tara J. Roark-Towle
Mark and Lisa Rondeau
Arthur and Evelyn Rose
Leila Rosenberg
Sarah M. Ross
Sheila H. Ross
Jana L. Rotsko
Ɨ Richard W. Roulx
Ann C. Saltalamacchia
Joyce A. Santostefano
Sharon Scarvalas
Stanley A. Semco
Meredith M. Senter
Joan A. Shaughnessey
Laura L. Shea
Eric S. Sheff
Brooke R. Shepard Bourque
Dr. Mark and Adrienne Silversmith
A. Christen Smith
Herbert L. Somers
Elisabeth Somerville
Timothy and Suzanne Soucy
Liane J. St. John
John and Elizabeth Stavropoulos
Carol A. Stiasny
Candace T. Stone
Stanley S. Stone
Nadine L. Strout
Jane Abbott Sweatt
Harry W. Takesian
Earle Tyler
Jeffrey R. Vachon, DMD
Anne M. Van Hirtum
Helena E. Vander-Heyden
Vivian E. Villemure
Phyllis L. Vozar
Lois J. Waters
Charles and Cecile Watson
Jeff Watson
Ɨ Indicates donor is deceased
Charlotte R. Weidenmuller
H. Robert Weisman
Brenda J. Wilcox
Mary C. Williams
Phyllis A. Wood
Gloria J. Yennaco
Benjamin Young

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