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Offering Superior Service

CMC will exceed expectations and lead as a recommended healthcare provider.

Why is this important?
CMC continually strives to deliver an exceptional experience for patients, families, partners and the community. CMC recognizes that the consumer experience is more than just our high-quality, comprehensive set of inpatient and outpatient services. We expect each “touch-point” during an episode of care to leave each patient feeling appreciated, listened to, and cared for. Providing a seamless, reassuring and convenient experience will cultivate consumer trust and confidence in CMC, ultimately leading to an allegiance to CMC.

How will we accomplish this?
-Ensuring a healing environment where all processes are timely and well-coordinated with clear communication
-Personalizing care by placing patients and their well-being at the center of all services
-Designing easy navigation for patients and families through the continuum of care
-Develop integrated, secure information systems across the continuum of care and throughout a patient’s entire episode of care

How will we know we are succeeding?
-Increases in the patient’s overall rating of the hospital
-Increases in the patient’s willingness to recommend the hospital to others
-Growth of other organization’s and individual’s willingness to collaborate/join with CMC
-Advances in the level of data integration/warehousing providing real-time information for all care settings (clinical, financial, patient experience, demographic, participating and non-participating providers)

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Our Mission
"The heart of Catholic Medical Center is to provide health, healing and hope in a manner that offers innovative high quality services, compassion, and respect for the human dignity of every individual who seeks or needs our care as part of Christ's healing ministry through the Catholic Church."