CMC Healthcare System (CMCHS) is guided by its mission, vision and values in delivering exceptional care and well-being to our patients and communities we serve. Aggressively pursuing our Mission and Vision is fundamental in both shaping our future and evaluating our progress. Our strength of Catholic identity and relationship with the Diocese of Manchester, affirmed by our values and incorporated in our language, symbols and behaviors, is integral to fulfilling CMC’s direction to deliver health, healing and hope to all those we serve.

CMC’s strategy is to be an independently governed, Catholic health system with outstanding programs and strong partnerships that contribute to our ability to improve the health of our community and surrounding areas throughout the entire continuum of health.

CMC’s strategic plan – Strategy2020 – comprises five priorities critical to the success and sustainability of the organization. We will reach our goals as a unified organization through:
We will operate as a healthcare system of choice for employees and the medical staff community.

We will exceed expectations and lead as a recommended healthcare provider.

We will provide the right care and experience for every patient and visitor, every time. 

We will allocate resources to achieve CMC’s Mission and accomplish strategic goals. 

We will evolve services to meet the community’s wellness and healthcare needs.


Download the Strategy2020 file to learn more about CMC’s areas of strategic focus, goals and objectives. 


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