stories from the heart

What does compassionate excellence look like? At CMC we see it in the dedication our providers have to giving our patients the best treatment when and where they need it. We see it in patients who trust in their providers and are grateful for the care they receive. These are the faces of health, healing and hope at CMC.

Supporting Pregnancy Care

St. Mary’s Bank’s Pledges $500,000

The St. Mary's Bank Charitable Foundation has made this generous gift to CMC for the Pregnancy Care Center and the Building with Heart campaign. This gift will help ensure families in need receive the highest level of prenatal and postnatal care.

Honoring our

Healthcare Heroes

At the 2020 CMC Gala, instead of giving the Charles F. Whittemore Award to an outstanding community member for their contributions to CMC, we chose to honor all of our own healthcare heroes. Thank you to every single team member at CMC—this is for you.

Brady Sullivan supports

CMC's Future Expansion

In October 2020, Brady-Sullivan Properties made a significant gift to CMC in support of our new building and the future of Manchester. “It’s important to us because we’re in the business of keeping people in Manchester and bringing new people into the city,” says Arthur Sullivan who notes good hospitals are important to a good community.

Comfort &


A special thank you to Bishop Peter Libasci, Bishop of Manchester, who offered Mass at CMC on October 6, 2020 for all CMC patients who have died during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope the Bishop’s words can be a source of comfort and hope to all during these challenging times.

Manchester Marathon—Nov 8

Runner Safety

This year's Manchester Marathon is less than a month away and the safety of runners, volunteers and staff at this event is a priority. Here is an overview of new safety initiatives that Millennium Running has put in place, including personalized time trial starts.  Register today to run in person or virtually.

making your

health a priority

Life has changed for all of us during the COVID-19 pandemic, but one thing that should not change is making your health a priority. New Hampshire hospitals are safe and ready to care for you and your loved ones.

Reshaping Manchester's West Side

Construction Kick Off

Local leaders share their thoughts at the construction kick off for CMC's campus growth project. The first phase includes construction of a new Rite Aid store. The old store will eventually be replaced by a new building for CMC operating rooms, an expanded Emergency Department, private patient rooms and the New England Heart & Vascular Institute.


Breakthrough Treatments

For Heart Failure offer hope

“We offer hope to patients who previously may have had none.” These words are at the essence of our mission at CMC and drives the team at the New England Heart & Vascular Institute toward compassionate excellence, every day. Learn about the options Gary found by working with his team at NEHVI.


Best doctors, best care, best outcomes

Coordinated Care

Heart patient Jim Cappalli is fortunate that the multidisciplinary approach at New England Heart & Vascular Institute provided him the best results.

What to expect from a

Vascular Screening

CMC's Chief of Vascular Surgery, Patricia Furey, MD, FACS educates viewers on vascular screening and diseases.

New England Heart & Vascular Institute


Imagine controlling heart failure without a trip to the hospital. That’s the convenience and peace of mind the CardioMEMS Heart Failure system provides.

New England Heart & Vascular Institute

Your Heart Team

What makes a community hospital in New Hampshire a nationally-renowned center for pioneering heart health?  A mix of compassion and commitment to excellence.

New England Heart & Vascular Institute

Lucky Run

A tragedy avoided, a friendship formed. Thanks to quick action and high-quality care, one local man lives to be an advocate for heart health.

Where heart

meets health

Caring for your heart so you can get the most out of life.

Dave expected good care, he found extraordinary care

Weight Loss is a Journey

and one best travelled when you have partners to take along.  CMC’s New England Weight Management Institute is here for you every step of the weigh.



Cecelia Deschambault lives life to the fullest, thanks to her team of doctors and cutting edge technology offered though the New England Heart & Vascular Institute.

Connect with a team of care providers

Redefining Women's Care

Dr. Sarah Bascle shares information about the unique services offered at CMC’s Women's Wellness & Fertility Center, including OBGYN care, fertility care, NaProTECHNOLOGY and natural family planning.

Life-saving Care


Gary Gorzelany was grocery shopping one Sunday afternoon when, in a moment, his life changed. CMC’s New England Heart & Vascular Institute aided in life-saving care that day and continues to keep Gary healthy by collaborating with his community hospital to provide follow-up services where he lives. 

Part 1

Martina & Bill

The New England Heart & Vascular Institute leads the way with heart. For Martina Hooley and her husband, Bill, that means innovative procedures and a personal touch that has led to a special bond between this couple and CMC. 

Part 2

Martina & Bill

The New England Heart & Vascular Institute leads the way with heart. For Martina Hooley and her husband, Bill, that means innovative procedures and a personal touch that has led to a special bond between this couple and CMC. 

Caring for the whole person

Hon. Ted Gatsas

A major medical event can also be a major upset to your life. That’s why great patient care has to account for the whole person – not just the diagnosis. Former Manchester, NH Mayor Ted Gatsas found that care when he came to CMC for heart surgery, and is still thankful for the experience. 

Advanced Heart Care


Innovation is a key component to great patient care. At the New England Heart & Vascular Institute, we’re offering some of the most innovative treatments available for advanced heart care and we’re always exploring what’s next in medical technology.