Patient Testimonials

Sue Moreau

Breast Cancer Survivor

Hear from breast cancer survivor Sue Moreau on her experience at CMC’s Breast Care Center

No Need To Head South

For Cardiac Care

One minute, I was eating my lunch and the next minute, I thought, ‘I think I’m in AFib.’  Nashua ophthalmologist Charles Wingate, MD has performed his share of surgeries in his 46-year career. When it was his turn to need a surgeon, Dr. Wingate’s experience was made easier by having top-notch cardiac care available right here in NH.

a remarkable journey

to a healthy heart

Jackie Sibulkin made a 2,200 mile trip from the Lone Star to the Granite State so that he could get heart care at CMC by Dr. Fahad Gilani.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Runs Interference for Football Coach

Football is a way of life for sixty year old John Trisciani, Defensive Line Coach for the St. Anselm Hawks. His calendar revolves around football season. So when he found out in May that he was going to need open heart surgery, knowing that he needed to report for football in August, he was devastated. But he was reassured after meeting with New England Heart & Vascular Institute’s cardiothoracic surgeon David Caparrelli, MD. 

CMC’s Vein & Vascular Specialists

The staff was incredible

“First of all, it was easy to get to. The staff was incredible—by the end of my visit, they felt like family. The whole experience from beginning to end was wonderful,” shares John Whiting a patient of  CMC’s Vein & Vascular Specialists.

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Lynne Stone

Breast Cancer Survivor

Hear from breast cancer survivor Lynne Stone on her experience at CMC’s Breast Care Center

Success Story

Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose veins left Pamela's legs achy, numb and tingly by the end of the day. A 15-minute appointment at the Vein & Vascular Specialists determined the treatment and relief she needed.

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meet Angela

Gastric Bypass Success

“My life has changed so much in so many positive ways. I’m living the life I always dreamt I would be living.”
Angela, now 107 lbs lighter than before her gastric bypass surgery at CMC.

Best doctors, best care, best outcomes

Coordinated Care

Heart patient Jim Cappalli is fortunate that the multidisciplinary approach at New England Heart & Vascular Institute provided him the best results.

Meet Phil

Gastric Sleeve Success

“Before weight loss surgery, I thought about food all the time. I still do but the difference now is I am in control of my choices and how those choices support my success.”
Phil, now 80 lbs lighter than before his gastric sleeve procedure at CMC.

New England Heart & Vascular Institute

Lucky Run

A tragedy avoided, a friendship formed. Thanks to quick action and high-quality care, one local man lives to be an advocate for heart health.

Caring for the whole person

Hon. Ted Gatsas

A major medical event can also be a major upset to your life. That’s why great patient care has to account for the whole person – not just the diagnosis. Former Manchester, NH Mayor Ted Gatsas found that care when he came to CMC for heart surgery, and is still thankful for the experience. 

Life-saving Care


Gary Gorzelany was grocery shopping one Sunday afternoon when, in a moment, his life changed. CMC’s New England Heart & Vascular Institute aided in life-saving care that day and continues to keep Gary healthy by collaborating with his community hospital to provide follow-up services where he lives.