Volunteer Spotlight—Meet Bob

Celebrating National Volunteer Week—April 17-23, 2022

Published 4/7/2022

Bob Boucher first started volunteering at CMC six years ago—April, 2016. Since then he’s given 2,780 hours!

You may recognize Bob if you’ve ever come to CMC. He’s a volunteer greeter and helps people get where they need to go. He’s a friendly voice and a helpful guide for people when they’ve got so much else on their minds.

For Bob, it’s simple. He volunteers because, “I like it! I meet a lot of people, I get to do a lot of walking.”

He may be humble but, like many CMC volunteers, Bob makes a big difference for staff and patients. “He always goes above and beyond,” says Cheryl Proulx, a CMC information desk associate.

Bob was the first to return to CMC after COVID-19 put the volunteer programs on hiatus. “It was a relief,” he recalls, “because now I’ve got something to do!”

Manager of Volunteer Services and Community Engagement Pamela Caetano says, “Bob is extremely dependable, dedicated and his willingness to help others always shines through in all that he does.”

Thank you Bob, and all of CMC’s volunteers, for all you do!
Interested in volunteering your time at CMC?
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