Couch to Half Marathon

Runner Amanda Burr, CMC certified cardiac technician, shares her journey 

Published 10/28/2021

If you had told Amanda Burr five years ago that she would be participating in her first half marathon, the CMC Manchester City Marathon this November, she never would have believed you. “I used to run a little, but I never considered myself a runner. Rob (Capodilupo) would always ask me to run 5ks, as he would put a team together. With COVID, I needed to move so I started running more. Then I turned 40 and needed a goal. What better goal than this?”

“I didn’t know those little legs could go that fast,” quipped Dr. Robert Capodilupo, CMC New England Heart & Vascular Cardiologist referring to 5-foot tall Amanda’s time on a recent 5k race. “You’ve really made amazing progress.”  

Amanda has been running three days a week since the end of July, following a program for building up to a half marathon. Dr. Capodilupo will be there to cheer her on when she crosses the finish line. “I’m so pleased to see Amanda stepping up to the half this year. As a cardiologist, encouraging people to exercise to avoid heart disease is part of my job. But to see a friend progress? That’s pure fun.”  

This is the third year that CMC has been the primary sponsor of Millennium Running’s signature race. It’s NH largest marathon and includes the marathon, a half marathon and a relay.  

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