Statement on NH Hospitals Resuming Services

from CMC President & CEO Dr. Joseph Pepe

Published 5/1/2020

For the last seven weeks, hospitals in New Hampshire have been understandably focused on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. It is time for us now to focus on co-existing with COVID-19 in our community and being able to safely treat the patients who’ve delayed care or gone untreated.

On Monday, CMC will begin the gradual process of expanding access to health services, starting with time-sensitive surgeries and procedures. We are taking several measures to ensure patient, staff and provider safety—testing patients for COVID-19 prior to their coming in and rearranging our facilities to reinforce social distancing. Most importantly, we’ve carefully examined our PPE supply, our bed capacity, and the chances of a COVID-19 surge. We’re confident we are well positioned to move forward. 

This is the first step towards a new normal.  I’m grateful for the thoughtful collaboration with state health officials and New Hampshire hospital leaders in addressing the pandemic and outlining the guiding principles to resume services. Most of all, I’m thankful to our supportive community and our dedicated CMC employees. I’ve seen countless acts of selflessness and understanding that shine through every day. 

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