CMC Welcomes First Triplets on The Mom’s Place

Brothers Nathan, Ryan and Gavin born last week 

Published 3/6/2020

The Mom’s Place at CMC has been open for nearly twenty years. But it wasn’t until last week that the unit welcomed its first set of triplets. Nathan, Ryan, and Gavin Simoneau were born on February 26th. They are all healthy and doing well, settling into their routines on the Special Care Nursery until all four of them—mom Kyra and the three boys—are ready to go home. 

The boys are naturally occurring, or spontaneous, triplets which are quite rare. Nathan and Ryan are identical and Gavin is fraternal. Kyra was stunned and excited to learn that her boys were a milestone for The Mom’s Place. “It blew my mind, being the first triplets,” she says. “When we showed up (in labor) everyone knew who we were. It was pretty exciting.”   

Tanya DiGeorge, RN is the Director of the Special Care Nursery and says her entire team was looking forward to the special delivery. Even though the room was packed, “the delivery was calm. Everything went smoothly.”

The boys were delivered by Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Dr. Adili Shay,  the same obstetrician who delivered Kyra’s now seven-year-old son Ethan. “I knew I wanted to have (the triplets) here because I had my son here and it was amazing. Everyone here really cares and they also cared for my husband’s comfort as much as mine.” 

Mom and babies are all staying together on the Special Care Nursery, where they continue to bond and settle into a routine.  Under CMC’s unique model of care, Kyra and the boys can all stay in the same room—even if one of them has been discharged as a patient—until they are all ready to go home. Nathan, Ryan and Gavin (pictured left with Kyra) will join their mom and dad, as well as big brothers Ethan and Josh and big sister Hailey. Kyra is ready for that day. “I feel really supported here. The staff is here to help me and we’re getting into a routine. I’ll be comfortable going home.”